Welcome to THE MOST EXCITING CHI KUNG/QIGONG INTERNAL KUNG FU SYSTEM in the World combining Chi Kung/Qigong (Chi Circulations) & treatments for incredible serious results, at least 40 years ahead of everybody else.

Announcing the production of a NEW Nei Kung DVD! Since I am the only source of Nei Kung in America, the RUSH of INSPIRATION has hit me once again. I believe BLACK DIAMOND™ NEI KUNG will by far out shadow ALL the Chi Kung DVDs and Programs on the market today, especially since there really are NO Nei Kung Programs except Mind Light™ Nei Kung.

After 40 years as an ultra-serious practitioner and the survivor of my generation, I have decided to make a “stand alone” Nei Kung DVD that anybody that is serious can enormously benefit from these practices. So far, the most popular question is, “What are the benefits going to be from BLACK DIAMOND™ NEI KUNG?” Simply stated, CHI KUNG ON STEROIDS. All the benefits that everyone mentions except this time it’s true. Request the outline.

The BLACK DIAMOND™ NEI KUNG DVD will be the most exciting thing you ever learned. This will be my MOST EXCITING creation yet. You will learn to LASER FOCUS and let enormous amounts of energy surge through your body… When you practice Black Diamond™ Nei Kung you won’t spend energy, you will collect energy, and have a brighter outlook.

You will never get tired from these practices. This is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. BLACK DIAMOND™ NEI KUNG is not just the same material shuffled. It’s NEW! I’ve been doing a lot of this lately and realized I sleep less, my mood is better (yeah), my legs feel great, and I’m heating up more than usual. Who knows what will happen to you?

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Here’s an instruction clip of Upward/Downward Mother Meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvatbXRlEZI&list=UUw4QeVRzOOwNBIUvZLM0HKQ

Here’s a short demo of The Nei Kung Inside Form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfyAHoQAu1o&list=UUCg1bBov95q28ww77-Q3-YA

I will post more as it develops. It will include GOLD BELL TRAINING. I am offering a pre-production, pre-paid discount (expires 12.20.14). Contact me. Master Gary J. Clyman

Email me and I will send you sample clips that relate to Black Diamond™ Nei Kung. I will post more as it develops. It will include GOLD BELL TRAINING. I am offering a pre-production, pre-paid discount (expires 12.20.14). Contact me. Master Gary J. Clyman


I’m running A HOLIDAY SPECIAL OFFER all included package (expires 1.3.15)! Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD, Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD Program ($3,450), Big Wave DVD ($500), Open Fire DVD ($500), Linkage Exercises DVD ($500), The Nei Kung Bible, and the Temple Style Tai Chi DVD Program ($650).

Here’s what’s in my Temple Style Tai Chi DVD Program: Foundation Fundamentals “GOLD,” All Forms, 2 Person Practices, and Close Encounters Training. $150 + $200 + $150 + $150 = $650. I will give you all these DVDs for $500. Skype Corrections is available and can be arranged. Order here: www.ChiKung.com/SHOP

The Special Holiday Price is $4,000 complete. Call me and Skype NOW.

I live every Kung Fu Master’s dream. I achieved my JING in 1979 after years of hard training and still practice all day. I worked hard and made it easier for you to learn. I await your call 24/7 at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244 right NOW. So what are you waiting for?

There can be no expression before there is compression. The FIRST STEP in developing your INTERNAL POWER is to DEVELOP your INTERNAL VACUUM! Without it, it’s all pointless. This means “Energy Accumulation and Storage.” That is my specialty. Everybody else is faking it. Read my GET THE JING Page.

Start Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and get your JING! There are NO secrets, just systematically organized serious precise skills. You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: www.ChiKung.com/SHOP at the 1st clicker

You want AWESOME RESULTS? Think days, not months to see, feel, and experience dramatic, measurable results. Learn to live your life full of INSPIRATION, ENTHUSIASM, AND EXCITEMENT. Where’s your passion? Condensing Breathing is what’s missing!

Just like Condensing Breathing “densifies” your intention, “Sink Jing and Uproot Jing” densifies your physical movements. This is taught in my Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD Program. Don’t be fooled by the $35 videos. You’re not buying disks. You’re paying for workable knowledge and I am the only source of this…

Would you like to BECOME A SEXUAL SUPERMAN? Well, you can! It all starts with my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program. Call or Skype me for details and the outline. I’ve got the JING JUICE and you can get it too. It’s totally organized!

ORDER Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD PROGRAM TODAY at www.ChiKung.com/SHOP at the 13th clicker. Skype me (Clygar) 24/7 to discuss your possibilities. Unlike the other Chi Kung “teachers,” I actually enjoy talking to people.

Gold Bell Training, which I am famous for, is what everybody wants to learn from me. That means BOUNCING PUNCHES OFF! Look for my demo.

Learn “PROJECTION” skills. So many applications come from Projection Skills, way too many to list here. This is related to “harmonic fields.” This is exactly what everyone is searching for, but only I teach. I’m also accepting Babysitting Clients. Call me at (312) 446-8218 or Skype (Clygar) me to inquire.

This is the ONLY PLACE to LEARN and MASTER Chi Circulations, really! You can GET THE JING! Rev your jets! Jump start your vibration and frequency. Circulate your Chi at the speed of light. I am the only source. Practice for the pleasure and the results will appear.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is the best method of PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE. Stay out of the medical system! Private Personal Power Training™ or my Babysitting can make 2015 your best year ever. Call to discuss your options! This is the most organized energy system practice in America. You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: www.ChiKung.com/SHOP at the 1st clicker

Here’s THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One, that contains ALL my Inside Kung Fu articles dating back to the early 1980s and The Entire Outline Of Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan: Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One

Here’s The Chi Kung Bible that I first published in 1989: Chi Kung Bible, Complete

Fire your Chiropractor and HIRE ME! Bring me your back pain, joint pain, and extremity troubles. Fire your worthless Chiropractor. Why do I say, “Fire your worthless Chiropractor,” because all they care about is HOW MANY APPOINTMENTS THEY CAN GET YOU FOR, not how quickly can get better.

I CAUSE CHANGE AND I WON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY OR YOUR HOPE! Yes, I am The Source. Don’t waste your time or money doing Cub Scout Chi Kung that is suited for your grandmother.

Your healing session all takes place in ONE visit. I use all my skills Chi Circulations, kinesiology, manipulation, acupuncture, Jing Projecting, and my suction power. I treat FREAKY conditions! It’s amazing what can happen when your history is erased. Don’t mean a thing, if you can’t GET THE JING.

Best Hands = Best Results! Call or Skype (Clygar) me to discuss your specifics. Sample practice with me on Skype (Clygar) for FREE!

Personal Power™ Training PRIVATE Sessions is the format I fix Kundalini Illness. I am also the only person that treats Kundalini Illness in America. In fact, I named it “Bio-Chaotic Meditation Syndrome” in 1985.

You want to do something important? It makes no difference where you live! Here’s your chance…

It takes 3 hours to learn Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and 3 months to learn Mind Light™ Nei Kung, NOT years. All my practices are organized into efficient routines and it’s all on DVD. The Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine is only 28-minutes long.

Mind Light™ Nei Kung contains all the INTERNAL practices from Temple Style Tai Chi. It took me 5 years to complete my training.

“Normal Students” can take 20-30 years, or forever, to do what I did in just 5. My DVDs are the delivery system. I am the only organized source for this material in the world.

I don’t want to be The Guy. I’ve been The Guy for 40 years.
Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is Delta Force, the rest are just the cub scouts.
Practice, Talk, Skype, Teach, and Sell DVDs all day.

Health is Wealth. Get rich now! Learn my Chi Kung in THREE HOURS. Raise your DESERVINGNESS TODAY! It all starts with Condensing Breathing. It all ends with Popcorn Fusion. You can do this…

Reach out and touch someone. Learn to use your Chi Kung Projections to influence your situations. I can even clear a house of “evil spirits, bad mojo, and curses.” Yes, I do house calls. It’s sort of a house exorcism…

You will NEVER need to see a Chiropractor again after you do these exercises. These exercises are like stand-up yoga and everybody can do it WITHOUT any Tai Chi or Chi Kung experience. Request my PDF of these exercises. Call me with your questions!

Here’s Mike Wheeler, Mike Skyer, and me 9.8.14. Copy and paste this into your browser:


Here’s Linsey, Jake, and Gary at BLUES last Christmas:

Americans Taste Exotic Asian Food:


Everyday someone tells me how “rare” I am. I know! I decided to be like this before I opened my first school in 1979. My site’s been up since 1995.

I am The Chi Kung Pioneer. When I started preaching Chi Kung, NOBODY ever heard about it before. I used many names before I decided on Chi Kung. I learned Chi Kung in 1978. Experimented with the teaching format until 1983, and the rest is history.

Here is my first TV talk show that I did in 1982. Watch the video below. We were all young at some point, even me.

Emotional Liposuction Intro Video:

All you have to do is SHOW UP. I’ll do the rest.

This is the best radio show I’ve ever done. My EmoLipo Radio Show… Aging Info Radio: Click here

Please make your appointment and if you wish, you can pay for your appointment at: www.ChiKung.com/SHOP at the 7th clicker

End your personal energy shortage with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. I am the future! I am the tip of the spear in Chi/Jing healing, 30 years ahead of the rest. This is where developing your vibration and frequency really matter.

Wake up and discover your life energy! Create your internal vacuum FIRST. Circulate your CHI. Cultivate your JING. Project your WILL! Influence your world. Change your life! Accept no excuses! I’m the only source for this material!

I have zero peers or competition. This is why people study with me from all over the world. If you want “HELP,” let’s do it. Rev up your jets. Order my Chi Kung DVD Program NOW!

Please feel free to Skype me (Clygar) NOW! (Updated 12.9.14)

If you are a self-starter, healthy, determined, and young enough to not have excuses to hard work, my Temple Style Tai Chi DVD Program could be perfect for you. My Temple Style Tai Chi DVD Program is quite sufficient and better than most Tai Chi classes, especially the bad ones.

I know there are lots of bad Tai Chi classes going on all over the place. How do you know if your teacher is any good or not? You won’t until you have wasted too much time, interest, inspiration, and money.

Here’s what’s in my Temple Style Tai Chi DVD Program: Foundation Fundamentals “GOLD,” All Forms, 2 Person Practices, and Close Encounters Training. $150 + $200 + $150 + $150 = $650. I will give you all these DVDs for $500. Skype Corrections is available and can be arranged. Order here: www.ChiKung.com/SHOP

So go with The Proven Plan. Temple Style Tai Chi is THE ONLY step-by-step way to learn Tai Chi.

Now you can learn Tai Chi from anywhere in the world. I am running a SPECIAL Chi Kung and Tai Chi DEAL. This deal will include Skype corrections. Contact me to find out about this awesome deal. Sign up for Temple Style Tai Chi NOW! The Temple Style Tai Chi Program sells for $650. Skype corrections can be negotiated.

FREE Products by Purity:

H.A. Joint (800) 222-5902
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FREE Trial Bottle! All you pay is $4.95 for shipping. Tell them you heard the radio show.

Super Beta Prostate Freebee (800) 842-0748

The RUSH is on! All my recent media coverage is working! Book your appointment and I’ll fit you in soon.

Treating with my vibration is the key to my success in helping you.

Some of my recent patients have advised me to advertise my excellent manual/manipulation skills to repair and eliminate mechanical problems that most people have. Some common examples are hip pain, shoulder and neck issues, knee and ankle pain, etc.

Call me regarding me becoming your human body mechanic and I will let you know what to expect. Fire your Chiropractor the next day.

Here’s a new testimonial about my manual treatment skills:


I fell down the stairs almost 3 years ago, really messed up my right hip, at first I had a hard time walking, was in pain, felt like a pinched nerve etc. I went to a chiropractor, I would get my adjustments, iced it down, took Advil etc. My hip was not getting better and as time went on, the pain became worse to where I could not sleep. I could not lay down in bed in any position.

So for 2 years I slept in a chair. A year ago today, I was not even able to sleep in a chair. I could not even sleep. I went for weeks with no sleep. I was in extreme pain, when I could walk, I used a walker.

It go so bad that I was in extreme pain that I was screaming and could not stop crying. I ended up in the ER twice. They gave me some meds, I ended up going to physical therapy for three months until my insurance ran out. They said that if I did not get any better that I would have to have surgery.

I did get some relief, but not much. I was able to sleep in a bed, but it was an adjustable bed and I had to be very careful, I had to do exercises when I would get in bed and before I got out of bed, could not sleep without pillows positioned in certain ways and so on, you get the picture… I could not lift my leg up to do anything. On a good day my gate was terrible, I could not walk down stairs by myself or step off a curb without assistance. You seen me…. I still was in pain, but not as bad as a year ago.

I talked to you this past Spring and asked you if you could fix my hip? You said yes, so you asked what happened. You did you assessment, told me what was wrong with my hip, within a minute you did your adjustment. I got up and walked, at first it felt a little different. For about a week it was tender, but I had noticed a difference already.

As the weeks passed, I started noticing the difference in my gate. Today I went to the health club for the first time since your adjustment and realized that I was walking and working out like I was pre-fall. I was walking around like nothing had ever happened. Also, I can sleep in my bed in the downward position like normal people and I only have to use one pillow.

I did 60 laps in the pool today within 60 minutes doing a walk/swim, not bad for the first day.

I highly recommend if anyone is having any pain from a physical accident or whatever, to have Gary check you out to see if he can help you. He really helped me, before I was in a lot of trouble physically, I was at the end of my rope.

Thanks, Gary. Karla Kupres – THE END

I teach “The Mind Training Over The Structure.” This is a BIG DEAL that will change your life!

Learn how to influence your situations and surroundings. This directly relates to your energy, health, wealth, happiness, longevity, friendships, deservingness, and LUCK. Start your Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung practice today.

This is better than Mo Pai because I am a real person, who can be contacted easily, and there are “no levels” to worry about. You get ALL my Chi Kung in ONE DVD Program,

Only I can correct your human software, your operating system.
Think of Emotional Liposuction as your anti-virus program.

I will use my CHI & JING on you. Get ready for a BIG CHANGE. Even my acupuncture skills combine my Chi Circulations. This causes change!

No kidding! Call me to discuss what’s in it for you… (312) 446-8218

Don’t be fooled by the others who fake having INTERNAL POWER. I really do have it and I can use it on you!

Boost your vitality, endurance, sexual power, assertiveness, deservingness, internal vacuum, vibration and frequency speeds, and FUN.

One of my PPT clients told me, “The difference between you (Gary) and Tony Robbins is, Tony works with what there is, and you (Gary) work with what there isn’t.” Thanks Kevin

Go through The Emotional Liposuction Media Collection, make your appointment, and get here quick. A fresh start with a clean slate is waiting for you!

The BUZZ, the RUSH, the EXCITEMENT for Emotional Liposuction™ is on! I will get to you A.S.A.P.

If your life seems stuck, flat, boring, irritated, and/or uneventful and you want some spice in your life, you’re going to love my practices.

Here’s The Emotional Liposuction Media Collection:

My Favorite 60 Second EmoLipo Radio Spot in my voice: Click here

My 60 Second EmoLipo Radio Spot in a woman’s voice: Click here

My EmoLipo Radio Show… Aging Info Radio: Click here

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Chicago Sun-Times Emotional Liposuction Treatment published 3.13.14, 4.17.14, and 5.8.14!

Read Chicago Sun-Times Emotional Liposuction Treatment published 1.13.06, that has changed so many lives. DUMP YOUR JUNK AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!

Read Time Out Chicago EmoLipo article published 2006.

Read Chicago Tribune Chi Kung article published 2004.

Getting treated by me could prove to be the most important single action you will ever take! Here’s your Magic Bullet!!


Here are brief definitions of the emotions I remove. Abandonment = Disappointment, Anger = Screw You Energy, Rage = Old Screw You Energy, Bitterness = Screw Me Energy, Anguish = Hopelessness, Sorrow = Bummed Out, Fear = Fear, except I haven’t found it in 4 years.

Restore your ENERGY FOR LIFE™. Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung could the be the key that unlocks your vitality, youthfulness, and PERSONAL POWER.

This is the most organized energy system practice in America. You can order my Tidal Wave Chi Kung DVD Program at: www.ChiKung.com/SHOP at the 1st clicker

Thank you! I look forward to dramatically helping you. Ask about special combo deals.

The cost of this one-time treatment is $250 for an individual or $400 if you book as second person to get treated. You can PayPal me directly at Master@ChiKung.com.

NYC Get ready! Here I come! Get on the waiting list today.

Does Abandonment, Anger, Rage, and/or Bitterness got you down? Well, you’re not alone. These are “The Big Four” that nearly everybody has.

How about guilt, fear, sorrow, and anguish? These are less prominent, but still commonly found. I can pull them all out in one session! DUMP YOUR JUNK AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!

I invite all the readers of my most recent Chicago Sun-Times article and my radio shows to call me immediately in order to claim your preferred appointment time. DUMP YOUR JUNK AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE! Email me to arrange your preferred appointment time.

Text (312) 446-8218 to make your appointment. I will set and confirm it with you. This will be the most important text you will ever send!

If your call goes to voice mail, I will get back to you A.S.A.P. Last time I got hundreds of calls, so leave your message and be ready to book your appointment. This is a very busy time and I will do my best to see you soon. If my cell voice mail is full, you can call my (800) number.

What if stored negative emotions, negative underlying belief systems, or negative voices in your head have been holding you back and causing you pain… Especially hip and shoulder pain for no logical reason, you need to get here now. I call this Mad Human Disease and I’ve helped over 10,000 people.

Conversations never help you release negative emotions. Read this Sun-Times article, think about what changes you want, make a decision, and take this awesome short cut and book your appointment TODAY!

Watch this Emotional Liposuction Treatment video clip:

Watch this Emotional Liposuction Treatment Testimonial:

Watch another Emotional Liposuction Treatment Testimonial:

Watch this Hip Pain Testimonial:

Watch this Finger Injury Testimonial in Cantonese:

Watch this Smashed Face Testimonial:

Watch my TV Commercial with various stories and testimonials:

Even I would admit that “short cuts” are dumb ideas, except I’ve spent thousands of hours practicing, cultivating Chi, circulating Chi, converting Chi to JING, and developing methods of using my JING on others. It all came from practicing 6-10 hours a day for the first 10 years with supervision, and I’m still pushing it!

Well, Emotional Liposuction actually removes the negative emotional energy that holds you back. It takes minutes, not years and there’s nothing to learn. Just dump your junk and move on with your life! How many times do you have to explain your history and talk about your problems?

Do you need a change in your luck? HIRE ME AS YOUR SUCCESS MOJOMAN™ BABYSITTER. This includes my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program and Skype.

Also, SEXUAL SUPERMAN™ WORKSHOP is available on Skype.

I am currently accepting Traders for my TRADER ACCELERATION PROGRAM™.







What if your physical pain is cause by your emotional state? I FIX THIS!

Get in here today. Fire your Chiropractor, acupuncturist, psychotherapist/psychologist,and your massage therapist tomorrow because I have the best hands around!

If you have back pain, shoulder or neck discomfort, or even unbearable hip pain and have not been helped, isn’t it time you got relief? I can fix this all in ONE visit. Fly-ins are welcome.

Why are my hands the best? First of all, because of my personal Chi Kung practice, I have more sensitivity and ability to feel and determine what is wrong with your body. Figuring out the problem comes first. Secondly, because of my personal Chi Kung practices, I use my Chi Circulations to make the corrections. I do as much as I can, as fast as I can.

I’m not trying to see you 20 times or until your insurance runs out. Everybody comes to me to get their mechanical issues resolved and the results are awesome. Get UNJAMMED! Crawl in, dance out!

It won’t be weekly or even on a schedule. One treatment is all it will take. Let me be your body mechanic.

No more worthless trips, waiting rooms, empty promises, and false hopes. Get treated by me and just feel good and find something else to do, like go back to your pain-free life.

Chi Circulations are my secret weapon against your chronic and acute pain. Get here today, and take it easy… after that.

My 60 Second Chi Kung Radio Spot: Click here

Email me your request for my Chi Kung free sample video clips from the top of my site.

My Chi Kung and Nei Kung DVD Programs are the best in America. All you have to do is stay home and PUSH PLAY! I can even do personal corrections on Skype. Skype me @ Clygar!

If you have a project, business, or relationship that you want to “success explode,” my personal babysitting offer is exactly what you need. Book me as your personal “Baby Sitter” today. Stay home… Juice up… Skype is awesome!

I’ve got the JING and you can have it too. Just follow directions, and now, it’s all via Skype! My entire business recently converted to Skype. Now distance means nothing except unlimited possibilities and awesome opportunities.

The human energy crisis INSTANTLY ends here! I’ve been doing and teaching Chi circulations since 1976.

Great things can happen to you when you begin to practice. Email request me from the top of this site and I will send you clips to get started TODAY!

Here’s my brief chronology:

Started learning Temple Style Tai Chi in 1974. Started teaching Tai Chi in 1976. Learned Chi Kung in 1978. Opened my Tai Chi school in 1979. Started teaching Chi Kung in 1983. Experimented and created Emotional Liposuction 1985-1987. Recorded my Chi Kung video in 1993. Started teaching Nei Kung in 1999. Switched from VHS to DVD in 2000. Threw out all my VHS tapes in 2012. (Yeah, I know.) Been repulsing full force punches since 1977. Been repulsing women long before that.

This is what can happen when you practice 6-10 hours everyday, instead of 2 hours a week. I’ve had over 100 private paid consultations with my Tai Chi Master during a 2 year period, when most other students never even had one. I was NOT gifted, but serious. When you know what you want and are highly motivated, everything is possible. When you’re serious about your practice, your practice will be serious about you.

I don’t sell mystery. I sell results! Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is the most direct way to cultivate your Chi in the world.

People always ask me, “Can you feel my Chi?” People think they already have some Chi, but they are confused. Yes, Chi’s in you and around you, but it’s totally disorganized. You need a method that leads to collecting, organizing, storing, and circulating it.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung will do this fast! Take my 3-Day Condensing Breathing Challenge and watch what happens to you and in your life. I repeat myself on purpose.

The Canfield, Ohio PPT has been cancelled.

If you are interested in Private Personal Power Training™ Workshop, read this: Personal Power Training Story

Here’s THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One, that contains ALL my Inside Kung Fu articles dating back to the early 1980s and The Entire Outline Of Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan: Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One

Here’s The Chi Kung Bible that I first published in 1989: Chi Kung Bible, Complete

Let’s discuss “Internal Energy” for a moment. Does having it mean you want to run laps? Stay up late and write a book? Alter your relationships? Be creative and produce more? Feel sexier? Sure does…

But what is not generally understood, is before there is any external applications to utilize the newly created energy, first the Chi must be accumulated, stored, circulated, and after this takes place, then the external applications begin. This seems a little tricky to understand, but if you start to practice Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung the changes are about to come. The INTERNAL energy development leads to the EXTERNAL applications that everybody notices.

Accept my 3-Day Condensing Breathing Challenge and see what changes you can create! Perk up. Develop your Internal Vacuum today.

Read “The JING Article” from Inside Kung Fu Magazine: The Art of Cooking JING

Read Power At The Speed of Light from Inside Kung Fu Magazine: Power At The Speed of Light

Think days, not months to see, feel, and experience dramatic, measurable results. Learn to live your life full of INSPIRATION, ENTHUSIASM, AND EXCITEMENT. Condensing Breathing is what’s missing!

Try 30-minutes of Condensing Breathing everyday for 3 days and see how your life changes. Get ready for the Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung to hit. The Condensing Breathing Video Instruction is mounted below on this page.

Okay, you’ve tried EVERYTHING ELSE… Meditation, exercise, diet, stopped drinking, prayer, New Years Resolutions, divorce, new relationships, others Qigong, boring Tai Chi classes, and none of it ever gives you the effect you are seeking.

It’s NOT your fault. You did try hard enough, you did focus, you were positive, you just did not do my practices yet.

2014 is the year of The MOJOMAN! Thanks for the quote!

I’ve got real students that teach and quote me correctly with credit, but I have more that are “copycats” and use my words, my practices, my concepts, my personality skills (Yeah, I heard it), and act as if they’re theirs. There are lots of “copy cats.” Don’t be fooled. I am “The Original.” I could name names, but they don’t deserve the recognition and some are very well known.

If he sounds similar to me, it’s a “copy cat.” Imitation is the best kind of flattery? Not in my business. I organized all the material. I always acknowledge where I got it from, unless I created it myself.

Text or call me directly 24/7 at (312) 446-8218 first, Skype (Clygar) me second.

The internet made the world small. Skype makes the world available. You can now use Skype for all my services except treatments.

“ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY MEETS MODERN TECHNOLOGY!” Private LIVE training is now available. Feel free to Skype (Clygar) me to discuss your options 24/7.

Text or call me directly 24/7 at (312) 446-8218 first, Skype (Clygar) me second.

There are only two reasons that necessitate coming to Chicago, 1) to receive your Emotional Liposuction Treatment or 2) to get your body’s mechanical issues fixed once and for all. Fire your Chiropractor and get to me instead. One visit and it’s gone!

Everything else can be done LIVE on Skype. I can even give you PERSONAL CHI KUNG and NEI KUNG INSTRUCTION at your convenience anywhere in the world.

Because of my Distance Power Abilities, DISTANCE HEALING SESSIONS are available upon request to anytime, anywhere in the world. Skype is NOT necessary for these sessions to happen. Watch my Distance Power video from 1987.

Because of Skype, I am currently accepting HARD CORE TAI CHI STUDENTS, beginners and Masters alike, for anywhere in the world. I will take you at your current skill level.

You’ve all heard of baby steps called “Life Coaching?” Well I have been doing the serious version of this for over 25 years. I help with projects, screwed up marriages, new and old businesses, terrible relationships, and extremely freaky situations.

I call this “Private Baby Sitting,” and it is a Two Month INTENSIVE Program LIVE on Skype, and in person. I’ve had only a few of these Baby Sitting Clients, and all of them developed extreme excellence. Yes, this is serious! Call me to discuss your options.

I will even do weekly or daily Chi Kung and Nei Kung practices with you. Call/Skype me to set this up…

Stay home and get trained! Skype me (Clygar) to discuss your options 24/7. There is no better time than right NOW!

Sponsor an Emotional Liposuction House Party! That’s right, I’ll come to you and your group. Call/Skype me to set this up…

I also do Issue Specific Tracking Emotional Liposuction Treatment for issues related to people, circumstances, history, and relationships. I remove the memory and source of the stimulating triggers. This is different than Emotional Liposuction. I stimulate the specifics and suck them out. This is how I treat PTSD and depression. The results are AWESOME.

Watch the famous Frank Ferrante’s Emotional Liposuction Treatment.

Watch Frank Ferrante’s Emotional Liposuction Testimonial.

Thanks to Frank. Visit and go see www.MayIBeFrankMovie.com


Watch The Emotional Liposuction TV Shows:

Watch my most recent TV show and call me! It’s in parts so you can enjoy me in small doses.

Part 1 – “The Energy Man” Interview 2012 Click!

Part 2 – “The Energy Man” Interview 2012 Click!

Part 3 – “The Energy Man” Interview 2012 Click!

Part 4 – “The Energy Man” Interview 2012 Click!

Watch This 7-Minute TV Interview: Emotional Liposuction™ = Pain Gone! (Part of 3 & all of 4) Click!


When watching Chicagoing Hosted by Bill Campbell on ABC7 TV, 2006 focuses on The Emotional Liposuction Treatment and 2009 focuses on The Total Internal System: Click!

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What is the most commonly asked question to me? What’s the difference between Chi Kung and Nei Kung?

Here’s the most important INTERNAL Kung Fu lesson you will ever learn and I put it up for FREE.

Condensing Breathing, Part One:

Condensing Breathing, Part Two:

Lately I have been doing a lot of Emotional Liposuction House Parties. Sometimes this also includes me treating for faulty body mechanics. Usually people visit their Chiropractor for these complaints. The difference with my treatments, it usually only requires ONE treatment. I have the best hands in Chicago and have been doing this part of my practice since 1974. Call me to discuss your options.

I TEACH “INTERNAL KUNG FU!” And yes, this is my specialty. If you want to create your internal vibration and raise your frequency, this is the most direct and efficient method in America. How do I get such dramatic results helping people? I use my JING on others. Go to my GET THE JING Page.

Tai Chi doesn’t matter. Everybody thinks it does. It’s not about forms either. Read on to get the “serious” stuff. You’ve got your work cut out for you. My approach is different than all others. Cultivate your internal vacuum and communicate with all your cells.

Creating your INTERNAL VIBRATION and RAISING your FREQUENCY are all that matters. You can develop Human Atomic Radiation by practicing Mind Light™ Nei Kung, Popcorn Fusion, Snakes Tongue, and Rebounding Projections to INSTANTLY ENERGIZE all your cells. Flip the switch! It takes hours, NOT years to absorb Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. This is the kick you are looking for. Go to my GET THE JING Page.

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NEW! Lama Tantrapa interviewed me. We discussed developing JING, The Taoist Sexual Technique Workshops and ejaculation control, The Mind Training Over The Structure, and it was funny: New Radio Interview

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I am currently accepting PRIVATE NEI KUNG PRACTICE CLIENTS and PERSONAL POWER TRAINING™ PRIVATE clients on Skype from anywhere in the world. These consultations can be geared toward business development and repair, marriage counseling, health & wellness restoration, prosperity projections, brain storming, self-containment training, and other projects.

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Listen to the The Taoist Sexual Technique Instruction Interview with John Ducane from Dragon Door Publications MEDIA/AUDIOS

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SEXUAL SUPERMAN Advanced Level 2 – Mind Light™ Nei Kung is required. Start Mind Light™ Nei Kung immediately so you will be ready for this workshop. This workshop includes “Distance Power” and “Public Projecting” to bring on full body female orgasms.
Master Level 3 – Sexual Healer/Squirter Mastery Workshop. Make your your practices are sharp.


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The entire INTERNAL System depends on the vibrational quality and intensity of your INTERNAL VACUUM. Condensing Breathing starts the process boiling. This fire drives your Chi Kung, Nei Kung, healing ability, vitality and sexual performance, endurance, personal protection and projection levels, and don’t forget your MOJO.

“The Nei Kung Inside Form” is the culmination of all “The Mind Training Over The Structure.” This contains most of the INTERNAL practices from my system. This is taught AFTER you have completed Mind Light™ Nei Kung. This is big FUN to practice.

The other Tai Chi teachers ridicule me. That’s because they would have to admit they have been wasting all their time for years. Watch “The Nei Kung Inside Form.” Click below.

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Emotional Liposuction House Parties? Call me to set yours up!

Tiger Chi Food? You don’t get it at Sam’s Club or on the internet. You get it from Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. Up size your energy in a down sized world. Forget calming down… You need to GET THE JING! Calming down is boring. My practices are ENERGIZING and EXCITING.

Do you ever feel like you need a “better connection” with your situations or to better “influence” your surroundings? If you want to change your life, you’ve got to learn the practice. You must CONDENSE and CONSOLIDATE!

So what’s in the Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung Toolbox and what are effected? These tools effect Body Mechanics, Vitality, Spiritual Protection, Sanity & Clarity, Illness Recuperation and Spiritual Rehab. Manage your emotional states by modulating the energy waves created inside your body. Every time you successfully make it through one of life’s challenges, your faith in your practice will be stronger for the next one that presents itself.

When you’re at your wits end, you need to Intensify Your Influence. The Art Of Projecting Your WILL feels like you’re “floating ping pong balls” with your mind. Rightful Recall™ is a practice for “calling back” energy that was wasted. The longer you practice, the more precise, specific, and powerful your Rebounding Projections will become.

How do you heal a broken heart? I have the way. We’ve all heard this song. Some of us have even sung it. Now, there is an answer.

Rightful Recall™ is practice used to “restore” missing energy spent or wasted on somebody or something that did not have it coming. It can be used to eliminate depression, restore innate missing energy, or to recall spent love or attention. This is AWESOME!

The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine contains it all. You just need to PUSH PLAY on a daily basis.

Tools like these are incorporated into the Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine. Extend outside of yourself. Make it happen. Grab that steering wheel before…

If you want to be healthy, vital, full of life, sexually proficient, and look and feel 20, or even 30 years younger than you are, then you have to start these practices TODAY! I am 61 and feel 35. Start NOW!

My specialty is teaching and using “internally” sourced Energy Cultivation Practices for self-motivation, self-confidence, and peak performance skills that directly apply to business, finances, relationships, and SELF. I remove Negative Underlying Belief Systems.

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The Peanut Gallery Jerk Circle Tai Chi Guys hate me because I have THE JING. They don’t and never will and they know it. Most Tai Chi practitioners waste many years doing boring empty, pointless forms with ZERO internal practices. Not here!

The whole “internal” thing is based on your ability to IMPLODE which leads to the much sought after EXPLODE. The other guys just don’t have it. More on this is on my GET THE JING Page

You can never become great without the internal practices that I teach. Time is NOT on your side. Yeah, I’d be mad too if I were one of them… But I’m NOT! The longer you wait to start, the longer you wait for your results. If you want a Tai Chi body, Temple Style will give you that. Tai Chi Masters are invited.

Here is my first Temple Style Tai Chi Demo from 1980. This demo took place 3 years before I decided to teach Chi Kung. You will see early fragments from my DVD Programs. Click and watch this video.

Studying Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan with me via DVD and Skype corrections are better than learning from some unknown, unskilled, Pussy Tai Chi instructor near you. If the teacher sucks, you don’t stand a chance. Now you can learn Temple Style Tai Chi from ANYWHERE in the world.

If you are a self-starter and are motivated, you can excel using these methods. I’ve got students that have become great and you can be one of them. “Temple Style will the the hardest thing you’ll ever love.” Skype me to discuss your Temple Style future.

If you are enrolling in my Temple Style International Program, consider what time you want your Skype Correction Session. I am planning a Skype TSO Group Interview in the near future.

Your training starts with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, then on to Mind Light™ Nei Kung. The icings on the cake are Big Wave™ Internal Kung Fu, and finally Open Fire™ Nei Kung.

I am the only one in America that creates personal change in clients from the INSIDE. More on this is on my GET THE JING Page

Developing/increasing your personal internal vibration and frequency is at the heart of this approach. Feel free to call me to discuss how I can help you overcome your negative self-imposed personal limitations.

Private or Group Personal Power Training™ is an efficient path to upgrading your situations. You will receive a personal specific tool box to create positive life change.

Note new address: 131 N. Green St., Chicago 60607. Reimbursed Valet Parking for Patients.

Temple Style Tai Chi classes are at this location @ 7PM & Saturday @ 10AM. Inquire to JOIN.

For many, many, many years I have been asked to create a “self-treatment” training and NOW I HAVE!






FIRE EVERYBODY! Stay at home and get the job done yourself, on yourself, by yourself.


Did you ever wonder what you could do to take control of the way your body works and feels? Did you ever want to finally become free of going to the Chiropractor, massage therapist, or drugs just to let you manage your aches and pains? All you have to do is run through this special set of exercises once or twice a week, maybe even only once per month. You’ll quickly figure out what it will take to keep you pain free and excited about feeling good ALL THE TIME.

I just recorded The Linkage/Extension Exercises that I learned from my last Tai Chi teacher, Domingo Tiu in 1979. I already had my school when I studied with him. He was Master Liao’s first assistant instructor.

It took me 4 months to learn The Linkage Exercises. I’ve taught them to a few students here and there, and NOW, The Linkage Exercises are finally available on DVD. Choose the $400 clicker and email me the work LINKAGE with your order at SHOP

Now you don’t have to go to the gym or health club which does not really eliminate your aches and pains. Regular visits to the Chiropractors office really only seems to benefit the Chiropractor. How many “professions” do you have to pay and still never really get that ongoing cramp to leave?

Now you can eliminate your aches and pain, muscle cramps, stiff joints, tight hamstrings, low back pain, misplaced ribs, frozen shoulders, and even your regular recurring stiff neck from the discomfort of your own home. Quit wasting time going to appointments and running around that only makes you feel better for a minute.

Take control of the way you feel and function! This is a separate, stand alone exercise set. You need ZERO experience in yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung/Qigong, martial art, MMA, aerobics, Zumba, Insanity, PX90, Tae Bo, or anything else.

If you have a body, this DVD will help you! It requires about 4 feet of floor space. It’s all done standing up, and once a week or once a month will probably be enough for you to manage your well-being and the way you want to feel.

Learning and practicing these exercises will keep you from visiting your Chiropractor and massage therapist. Fire your Chiropractor, and lay off your massage therapist! The Linkage Exercises will let you TREAT YOURSELF and skip the whole treatment scam. Call me to discuss the benefits you can expect to receive 24/7! Choose the $400 clicker and email me the work LINKAGE with your order at SHOP

Watch this intro and place your order and I will immediately email you the program and follow with your Priority Mail DVD! The cost of staying pain free is $400. You will save that by avoiding the run-around next time you hurt! Order now and feel better TODAY.

Just think of all the time and money saved, hope you get to keep, and pain you can avoid by learning and using The Linkage Exercises. You will LOVE/HATE this practice, but you will appreciate how get you will feel.

Call me to discuss the benefits you can expect to receive 24/7! Order today and feel better instantly. Choose the $400 clicker and email me the work LINKAGE with your order at SHOP

Watch this intro and place your order and I will immediately email you the program and follow with your Priority Mail DVD! The cost of staying pain free is $400. You will save that by avoiding the run-around next time you hurt! Order TODAY and feel better TODAY.

I will email you my entire Linkage Exercise DVD via video clips while the post office rushes your DVD to you TODAY!!!

Just think of all the time and money you’ll save, and pain you can avoid by learning and using The Linkage Exercises. You will LOVE/HATE this practice, but you will appreciate how get you will feel.

This a a two part DVD, but should be performed straight through.

Part One is The Linkage Exercises which are done standing up.

Part Two is The Extension/Expansion Exercises which are also done standing up.

You will develop a LOVE/HATE relationship with this material, but LOVE will win out!

This is a stand-alone DVD and is a little over an hour long. It is intense, but you will feel GREAT when your done. Cramps, tightness, stiffness, low back pain, misplaced ribs, stiff neck, and many other body aches and pains will be a thing of the past.

Watch the intro! Order NOW! “The Linkage/Extension Exercises” Click!

You can pay me via PayPal directly to the email address above. You can also call me and I will run your card using my PayPal account, if you are weirded out about numbers on the internet.

Choose the $400 clicker and email me the work LINKAGE with your order at SHOP

The world got small! ALL my trainings, consultations, and sessions (except Emotional Liposuction) are available via Skype. ALL of them! Now these is no reason to let travel or scheduling stop you anymore. Skype me NOW. I will leave it on (Clygar). Start tonight!

You can learn Chi Kung, Nei Kung, Temple Style Tai Chi, Taoist Sex Training from the discomfort of your own home, even in the middle of the night if that’s what it takes.

Become The Porn Star of your World when you sign-up for the SEXUAL SUPERMAN™ WORKSHOPS, I will tune up your personal practices to enhance your sexual performance. Start NOW! You will never be in high school or for some of you slow guys, in college again, but you certainly can feel like you were again.

I am preparing my MOJOMAN™ WORKSHOP to be done on Skype in the near future. If you want to participate, you MUST complete my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program. The longer you’ve been doing The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine, the better you will be with the MOJOMAN™ WORKSHOP practices. Mind Light™ Nei Kung is NOT required prior to taking this workshop. The entire MOJOMAN™ WORKSHOP takes place in Heaven & Earth Meditation, ending with Layered Condensing.

Email me for the list of types of mojos that are possible. Call or Skype me to talk.

You can also request The Mind Light™ Nei Kung Outline and The Temple Style Tai Chi Total System Outline.

Knowing “The Details” as I present them makes all the difference. I am the only logical choice as an “Internal Kung Fu Teacher” that can be made. I’m going to keep this simple. I don’t believe this is a complicated issue. Developing Tan Tien is at the heart of all the practices.

Even well-known practices like The Micro Cosmic Orbit are taught differently by me than my “competition.” In fact, the final chapter of THE Nei Kung Bible contains 5 other specific ways of doing the MCO.

Temple Style has a wide variety of practices that I have created into manageable sub-sets. Chi Kung, Nei Kung, Inside Form, Mother Meditation, Big Wave, Open Fire, and any mix and match of the material is what is so colorful about this system. This list is very long.

Depending on what you feel, where you are in your development, your physical state, your emotional needs, and even your level of aggressiveness, there are specific practices to choose from.

If you are burned out, exhausted, or depleted, excitable, spiritually tired, or even if you are juiced and have an itch to do cardio, you have choices. Of course, I am not saying these are all available to beginners.

What are Micro-Wave Projections™? They are an extension of my personal Internal Practices. Developing the ability to project my WILL to the level of influencing, controlling, and “adjusting” your situations, is at the heart of it. Is it Chi Kung? Well, it is an extension of my Chi Kung Practice. All of this skill came from thousands of hours of practice.

Every week someone calls me requesting “Spiritual Back-up” for a business meeting, confrontation, or protection from personal psychic attack. I do project my protective shield to give aid and support to my students, clients, and friends. The results vary. Usually they are immediate and obvious, but sometimes the results are subtle, sneaky, or subliminal.

Micro-Wave Projections™ will help you influence your life and situations. This service is available after a telephone conversation. House calls are also available to clear, cleanse, and protect your space. This could include “Mojo Removals.” The extreme of this practice is EXORCISM, which I have performed around 12 in the last 20 years.

Call me if you need my help with your “Spiritual Back-Up.” It can be arranged over the phone.

If you’ve got time, money, motivation, excitement, and have searched far and wide for Internal Kung Fu, this is the program for you.

Mind Light™ Nei Kung is divided into what I call “sub-sets.” These sub-sets are presented in an efficient, descriptive, clear way, in real time so the student can absorb and become an expert at each part of the practice.


BELOW ARE SOME OF THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. I have explained this hundreds of individual times.

I’m going to keep this simple. I don’t believe this is a complicated issue. Once you know “the details” is the difference, I will be the only logical choice that could be made.

To people that ever studied with me, purchased any of my video programs, or even people that know me, the answers to these questions seem simple and obvious.

Ah, The BIG Question! Why is Mind Light Nei Kung different, more complete, and more digestible than my so called “competition?”

The next question… What is the difference between Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung?

And finally, why are my practices BETTER than the other guys, whoever they might be?

All the practices are related to each other. They all suck, store, circulate, or project energy. They all have either a direct or indirect relationship with Tan Tien. They are all The Mind Training part of Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan, as I learned it.

It took me only 4 years to make it through the entire Temple Style Tai Chi System, not just learn The Form. Under “normal” conditions, students NEVER make it through this huge amount of material, NEVER. I do not know one person besides my teachers who absorbed this valuable, unique, and potent training. You will NEVER find any of them and they would NEVER produce a video with any of this valuable material. I have no classmates that have succeeded. If they are still practicing, they are still “students” under someone else.

I finished my training in 1978 and opened my Tai Chi school in 1979. How did I make it through the system in such a short time? I pushed myself 6-10 hours a day, everyday for the first 10 years of my Tai Chi career. On most days, I did 3 or 4 individual practice sessions. When I would start to cool down, I would kick it up again. This was hard to do while working, but I did it. I only took jobs that would allow me the opportunity to put in my practice time.

Chi Kung was an unknown in the old days, you know, “The Local Tai Chi Guy.” All that changed with my first Inside Kung Fu Magazine Article in 1987. I created Tidal Wave Chi Kung in 1983 and then inspiration hit me like lightening 16 years later, and in 1999, I created Mind Light Nei Kung. These programs have never changed or been updated, because I got it right when I created them. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

If you even think you want to take 20-30 years to learn this, you will NEVER succeed. In fact, you will never start. However, you can go through Tidal Wave Chi Kung in 3 hours and continue with The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine.

The next step is Mind Light Nei Kung. Learn to “Drive The Vibe.” You can absorb Mind Light Nei Kung in 3-4 months. All you have to do is push PLAY and follow directions. I have organized the material into “Sub-Sets.” There are 2 foundational Nei Kung sub-sets, named Green and Blue. On DVD, Green takes 45 minutes and Blue takes 90 minutes to complete.

Green and Blue should be done for 3-4 weeks, until they both become familiar and comfortable to perform ONLY while following me in “real time.” Green and Blue will NEVER get easier, just more comfortable.

Comfortable means, “Not doubtful of what you’re suppose to do.” If it seems easy, you are not trying hard enough to do it correctly.

These 2 Sub-Sets not only comprise the base of Mind Light Nei Kung, but they are maintained as a self-contained unit practices for the rest of your life.

Green Sub-Set contains The Mind Training that goes on top of Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, and Push. I know, anybody that ever took a Tai Chi class from some nerdy Tai Chi teacher or even an intro class at a senior citizen center knows these basic forms. However, what makes Green Sub-Set different is The Mind Training, which I can guarantee you NEVER learned in any other Tai Chi class. This is the first mind training practice in Temple Style Tai Chi. Even Condensing Breathing comes AFTER this.

Read Chapter One of THE Nei Kung Bible for the total ouline of Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan. Email me and I will send you The Chi Kung Bible and THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One for FREE. You can order hard copies at: www.Amazon.com

Blue Sub-Set contains what I named Basic Path Training. These practices implant the mind training on top of Foundational Tai Chi Standing Forms, also exclusive to Temple Style Tai Chi. These mind training practices are taught after the student has accumulated considerable practice time. As I have already stated, Green and Blue Sub-Sets will remain ongoing practices for the rest of your life!

After you have successfully completed and absorbed Green and Blue, then it is time for you to start learning by following me through what I named “The Nei Kung Super-Sets. They are Routines A, B, C, and D. I organized the material into a “cycled format” so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. This is the most efficient way for me to teach and you to learn this material ever. The Super-Set Routines each take one hour to complete and should be done in order.

I have students that have been with me since the hard old days, and they are all great and very qualified instructors in their own right! They did not have the convenience of learning using my awesome videos. They had to come to class, study black white photos, audio tapes, or often drive cross country for corrections. The details that separate me from my “competition” are included on my DVDs. I am the measuring device. No other teacher specializes in this type of material.

You don’t have to practice all day. You don’t have to drive or fly to get to me. You don’t have to do rare seminars. All you have to do is go to my www.ChiKung.com/SHOP site, wait by your mail box, open the package, push play and start following directions. You will always be following directions in “real time.” You can call me, Skype me, or email me with any questions or concerns that you might have, but even that rarely ever happens because my recordings are so thorough.

Well my teacher, Master Waysun Liao, read his Tai Chi Classics, is famous for breaking down the Tai Chi form into individual forms. That was in the 1970s. My specialty is way more important than just that. “The Mind Training” is superimposed over the mechanics of the Tai Chi System, thus making the mechanics of the Tai Chi system dramatically less important while upgrading the potency of “The Mind Training’ practices.

I am the only one in America that teaches this. Everybody else just teaches calming down, relaxing, or doing stupid forms that they expect you to do for 20 or 30 years until something happens. The practices that I teach and have perfected have taken 10,000 hours of personal practice to perfect and about 20,000 hours ago since. This is the proven path. Everyone else just talks. It all starts by you starting. It’s a long hard ride, but it’s worth every step.

My books explain in detail The Mind Training. Email me and I will send you The Chi Kung Bible and THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One for FREE. You can order hard copies at: www.Amazon.com

The foundation of Mind Light™ Nei Kung is based in the Green and Blue sub-sets. At completion of MLNK, each student will continue performing each of four One-Hour Daily Routines. The routines were designed so each student can automatically “cycle” the material. All my systems are highly organized and specific. All you have to do is follow me in real time.

Speeding up the vibrational frequency of/with your mind all starts with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. This is the secret to Nei Kung & Internal Kung Fu.

“The Mind Training” will make you young, vital, alert, inspired, fearless, independent, ruthless, interested, and funny. This Mind Training skill is at the heart of nearly all the internal practices in all the systems. I am the only source of this specific vibration training.


Developing the INTERNAL SKILL to not just circulate your Chi, but to produce and project, increase the frequency, amplitude, thickness, and flavor of the vibration that you are circulating. Many of you have watched my YouTube video of me using what’s called “DISTANCE POWER.”

Watch this at Page 5, Bottom Line: MEDIA/VIDEOS

Throwing a person around WITHOUT touching is a very high, if not the highest, level application of your personal Chi Circulations. This cannot be your primary reason for doing your daily practice. Your create it and project what you’ve created. This is related to PROJECTING YOUR WILL, but more, which is one of my specialties.

When I threw him in around in December, 1987, it was a fluke. Neither he, nor I, nor anyone else that was in the room when that took place expected such an unusual manifestation of my Internal Practices.

That skill, as rare as it is, is a direct extension of Mind Light™ Nei Kung. The source of this strange, high level manifestation is based on Mother Meditation, Basic Path Training, Condensing Breathing, Projecting, Layered Condensing, and others.

Knowing the practices is not enough. You must absorb them so they become part of you. This required thousands of hours of personal practice. Why are there so few Tai Chi Masters? Lifestyle, discipline, intensity, time, attention to detail, and “cooking time” are all necessary ingredients.

What you see or feel as a vibration that is passing from me, is my JING, not my Chi. More on this is on my GET THE JING Page.

Well, I just got kicked out of yet another Martial Arts Forum. This time it was because I was a Lion amongst wimpy Hyenas. Watch out for the Tai Chi Circle Jerk. They are clueless about anything related to internal training. I lasted longer than I thought I would, about 24 hours. If you’re in it, I am typing to you!


Fire your chiropractor. Bring me your aches and pains. You will get dramatic relief which means you will save money, time, get better in as few sessions as humanly possible.

I’ve got over 35 years experience fixing people. Call me to discuss your specific conditions. Today can be your great day!


Thank you Master Gary! Can’t wait! Your stuff is the Rolls Royce of Chi Kung/Nei Kung! This might be a stupid thing to say in my financial situation but to be honest you should be charging at least ten times the price! Kindest regards, Ahmed


What is “spirituality” and how does it relate to my Chi Kung? My Chi Kung is NOT religious, dogmatic, or restrictive. It is NOT a cult. My Chi Kung does bring out the true you that is hidden, waiting to come out.

Tan Tien is the primary energy center that I have specialized in developing. Living in Tan Tien will get you out of your head, put you in the present, and make you more physical. Living in Tan Tien will stop taking shit from everybody in your world.

This is different than what most Chi Kung/Qigong teachers do. They might talk about it, but they don’t do it. I do!

When you change the direction of your energy from OUT of you to IN to you, your world will begin to change. All the “Manhood” stuff I’ve been teaching since the early 80s is tied into this IN concept.

If you have back pain, shoulder or neck pain, headaches, or other apparent mechanical issues, I can give you immediate improvement. If you have no idea concerning the source of your pain, Emotional Liposuction is the PERFECT TREATMENT for you. I’ve got the best mechanical skills and energy abilities to make you better, usually on the first visit.

Call now! Feel better TODAY! I will fit you in. Fly in and fly out on the same day.

If you want to be SUPERMAN, young, healthy, and ALIVE in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, you need to practice. Don’t wait until you’re old to start. You are never too old to start, but the younger you start, you will be ahead of the game. I’m 60 and I feel 35!

You can be that “Freaky Old Guy” that kept it together, but it starts TODAY. I am and will be! “I am The Oldest Man in The Western World.”

You want to be different? You want to outlast everyone in your world? You want to finally become GREAT at something? You want to overcome? “The Mind Training” is your secret key… I know this is a huge claim. I can back it up!

UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN! Personal Power Training™ will make 2013 your great year! Enroll in April 2014 Personal Power Training™ NOW! This includes Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. Change NOW!

Hi Mr. Clyman, here’s a testimony if you like.

I just wanted to drop an email to tell you how much I enjoyed your seminar. I believe it was well worth the price to have your personal instruction in addition to your DVD and book (and all the videos you put out on the internet.) You are truly gracious sharing so much key information.

It’s so unfortunate there are critics who are ignorant of what you’re freely giving away! To all seekers of The Way, this is it! All the free things you’ve given out and have positively impacted my life and I felt indebted to learn personally from the master and attend your seminar. It definitely provided clarity and ‘personalized’ my practice.

The Nei Kung Bible I purchased also delivers! It doesn’t have the extreme amount of detail as The Chi Kung Bible, but I know I have the foundation from the Chi Kung seminar to unveil the training. It’s definitely a step up from the condensed, yet comprehensive format you built. It’s pure genius to build a system that ‘sucks’ energy in, builds up our capability to hold that energy, then use it to change our lives! Nobody does that…

Thanks for inviting me to call, email or even drop by if I have any questions, another huge reward from attending the seminar! The other attendants were curious seekers like myself, looking out for the best. Having like-minded souls to train along side with, made the Chi Kung practice very personal and is one of the best self-development courses I’ve ever attended. Thanks, Rich Tiangco RRT – THE END

Are you bored, stuck, depressed, flat, or in any other uninspired state of mind, my upcoming workshop is exactly what you need! Personal Power Training™ Workshop is happening April 2014! Find your passion and make a living doing it. Register NOW!

You’ve tried the rest. Now do the best! Emotional Liposuction™ will remove your traumas and negative underlying belief systems faster than any other method on the planet.

The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll feel better. Whether it be back pain, underlying chronic anger, wandering life path, or confusing work issues, you’ve come to the right place.

Fly-in. Drive-in. Crawl-in! Skype-in. Take the first step! Grab this opportunity! Skype Consultations? This is serious! Your future depends on it!

The sooner you start practicing The 28-Minute Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine, the sooner you will be able to influence your situations by Flexing The Muscle Of Your WILL™ and raising your hunger level. Learn to focus and concentrate. Get mental toughness. Raise your DESERVINGNESS. Get what you want.

The first question? What is INTERNAL? Let’s start with what it’s NOT. It’s not soft. It’s not slow. It’s not wimpy. It’s not calming. It’s not religious. It’s not gentle. It’s not New Age. And, it’s certainly not confusing or complicated. Why is Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung different?

It all starts with changing the direction of your own personal energy flow from OUT to IN! Bring your energy back to you… You ARE the center of your universe. Learn to project your WILL. Start feeling it!

The TAO of MANHOOD! Do you want to feel like a Super Human PORN STAR? Stop being pushed around. You need the TAO of MANHOOD. Become the BAD ASS you were meant to be.

Order Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung TODAY at SHOP

Apparently, I am the only one in America that teaches Chi Kung in a simple, step-by-step, prioritized fashion. There is nothing confusing about my approach. I designed the road map long ago. All you have to do is follow it!

Do you need protection from a mojo, hex, or a curse? If that’s you, call me to talk about this.

Do you want to get your Fah Jing (Connected Acceleration)? You need to develop a Tai Chi body in order to carry the vibration. There are ingredients necessary. The Mind Training, WILL, intention, organized technique, and don’t forget A TAI CHI BODY!

The first answer! What INTERNAL is: It IS collecting, condensing, cooking, circulating, stimulating, and highly organized. Read my Inside Kung Fu Magazine articles posted below. They will explain the concepts and principles that make up my practices.

These practices are exciting from the minute you start. It all starts with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and Condensing Breathing! GET THE JING!

“Mind Training On Top Of The Structure.” These practices are 100 years ahead of everyone else. It takes 20 days, not 20 years to get your Chi. Everybody else teaches “calm down, relax, take it easy” garbage. Nobody comes to me for this. The problem is lack of focus, intention, attention span, and concentration. These aspects are the heart of what I teach. Call me 24/7 to talk, argue, or find out what’s in it for you.

Learn to cultivate your WILL and project it into your world. It all starts with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. Learn to make the waves, not ride them.

These practices will help you become the man you should be (women too). Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung will help you MEET YOUR MANHOOD! Age is not a factor. Your spirit will get activated, and that is what propels you on your path. You can have “Bullet Proof Happiness” when you become the man you were meant to be.

If you want to become the man you should be, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve tried before? Now, you will have the fuel to start your engine. Become the DOMINANT ALPHA MALE you’ve always admired. Call or Skype me NOW!

Internal Kung Fu News! I am working on my OPEN FIRE™ Nei Kung DVD Program. You need to complete Mind Light™ Nei Kung BEFORE you can begin to learn my OPEN FIRE™ Nei Kung Program. The excitement keeps growing. This is FUN and hard.

Mind Light™ Nei Kung is the most exciting, FUN, and direct way to develop internal power (GET THE JING).

I am the only source of this type of training and it’s all on DVD. No seminars, no classes, no hotels and air fares, no stretched out timelines. Just the good stuff that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

The VA killed my friend George Berry. He had “Agent Orange” from Viet Nam and was never diagnosed. He shot himself when he could not take it anymore in April. He went out like a man. The VA screwed the pooch on his case.

Bowe is a traitor/deserter. This is a distraction for the VA. STOP THE LIARS!!!!! IMPEACH OBAMA! ARREST HILLARY! Benghazi was an illegal missile transfer. They should BOTH be in prison!

Obamacare will be just like the VA. Hear the NEW Obama tricks as they happen. Go learn more at www.InfoWars.com

Here’s my Password to get into my www.PrisonPlanet.tv account. My password is: GaryClyman. Twenty people at the same time can use it for FREE!


Read Tao Bums about Mind Light™ Nei Kung Tao Bums

Good news: Trunk, the Admin of thetaobums forum, is completely convinced of the high worth of your treatment & of your great abilities and makes an appropriate comment: ;-)

Read TheTaoBums

I find the testimonial videos to be *very* convincing. There are *many* of them, people are obviously sincere and having strong positive results from G.Clyman’s treatments. I have difficulty seeing how anyone could watch all those videos and not see that *some*thing was definitely going on. G.Clyman’s personality .. “loudness” I find to be just an example of the common fact that all sorts of personalities become teachers, develop abilities, etc, “pobody’s nerfect”.. at least Gary’s idiosynchrosies are right up front!, lol Good for him! If I was closer to Chicago, I’d seriously consider getting a treatment from him. Open the above link for more…

Start now and you can be ready when OPEN FIRE™ Nei Kung is ready to put on DVD.

Big Wave™ Internal Kung Fu was completed 2 years ago. Call me to talk!


QUIT YOUR BORING TAI CHI CLASS! Fire your wimpy Tai Chi teacher immediately! Get serious! I’ve got a much better idea, especially because the Tai Chi you are currently learning is probably deficient. It’s not your fault… REGISTER NOW!

To remedy this bad Tai Chi situation, I have decided to present my (TSO) Temple Style Tai Chi DVDs so you can learn the good stuff. My Temple Style Tai Chi DVD Program includes the following: 1) The Total Forms Tape ($200), 2) 2-Person Practices ($150), 3) Close Encounters Training ($150), and 4) Tai Chi Gold “Foundation Fundamentals ($150),” Weekly Skype Corrections $800 for the first year. The total is $1,450.

To the first 10 new students, I will sell you The Temple Style Tai Chi Package including Once-Weekly Private or Group Corrections Classes via Skype for $1,000. Call me to get started today! Skype me at Clygar.

Many of my GREAT Tai Chi students have learned using my videos and then received personal corrections. Now the technology exists to do this conveniently. Fifteen years ago I wanted to do this, but I was way too early.

I know a lot of Tai Chi guys think, “If I keep practicing my Tai Chi, I will eventually become internal.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. You have to learn “Internal” practices to become “Internal.” I am the only one in America teaching this “Internal” way.

Now it does not matter where you live. You really can learn the good stuff this way. Consider this the Temple Style International School of Tai Chi.

I have many GREAT Tai Chi students to prove it. The first year is the most important year. That is when your foundation is created that will carry you for the rest of your Tai Chi life. Call NOW!

BRING ME YOUR ACHES AND PAINS! I’ve got the BEST HANDS in Chicago! Read The SEED Treatment Brochure

Watch our LIVE Blues!


I play music: Mike & Gary Music, Part 1

I play music: Mike & Gary Music, Part 2

I play music: Mike & Gary Music, Part 3

This original article dated Jan. 13, 2006, brought me over 1,000 new patients. Download and Read Chicago Sun-Times Article, Emotional Liposuction

Are you bored, stuck, depressed, flat, or in any other uninspired state of mind, my upcoming workshop is exactly what you need! Personal Power Training™ Workshop is happening April 2014! Find your passion and make a living doing it. Register NOW!

This will be the most valuable seminar you will ever take.

Download and Read PPT™ Brochure

Download and Read PPT™ Story

This is the most POWERFUL, well ORGANIZED, EASY to learn Chi Kung/Qigong System in America! Practices that will raise your internal energy frequency, DESERVINGNESS, spiritual resilience, and leadership skills. This is my unique focus… creating eagles. Why crawl when you can fly?

My YouTube channel is stuck? Jan., Apr., Jul., & Nov. Workshops. Watch the FEATURED VIDEO to the right that explains my Chi Kung System. —>

My “Internal Technology” is “The Law of Attraction on Steroids.” I’ve been teaching this since I taught my first Chi Kung workshop in 1983. I inspire those who inspire others.

Leadership skills can be taught. Be the individual you were meant to be and EXCEL. Individual initiative is awesome. GET THE JING!

Joe Vitale and Matt Furey both were “coached” by me and both these hot shots learned my Chi Kung practices. I am “The Original.” You could be the next big winner! Do you deserve it? GET THE JING…

From a martial arts chat room – You know about Furey–I like some of his stuff too, I guess I can live with the hype. Furey is also a student of Clyman, by the way, he used to endorse Gary but then Matt got hooked up with Peter Ragnar and now never mentions poor Gary anymore.

I would guess that a lot of Furey’s over-the-top confidence comes from Gary’s chi kung, that’s one of the things it does for you. That’s not to say Furey’s other chi kung stuff is bad, but I think Gary is still his secret weapon…

I’ve only trained with Gary’s videos, and I talked to him on the phone a couple of times. I just can’t afford the time and money to go to Chicago. Gary claims that he has knocked people back without touching them, he also mentioned somewhere that when he was younger he was able to extinguish candles by pointing his finger at them…and last I heard he has a standing invitation to anybody to come to his school and hit him, if you’d like to test out his iron shirt aka golden bell cover. I’ve seen enough, if I ever meet him in person I DON’T want to hit him, even if he promises not to hit me back…

A fellow I know on another forum who practices hapkido told me that a few years back he went to Chicago for some hapkido training, and while he was there he roomed with some guy who was telling him all kinds of stories about a chi kung guy in Chicago who had all kinds of strange abilities…and he couldn’t remember but he’s pretty sure it was Gary. The guy told him that the chi kung guy was taking this stuff way beyond what anybody else was doing. Gary said that when he was younger he would do chi kung for ten or twelve hours every day…which explains why he is ahead of the rest of us… The END of the chat room text.

Nothing’s changed since then, except the lives I’ve changed. Inspiration is infused into The Chi Kung 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine. Personal Power Training™ is the key!

Request my organized Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung sample clips. GET THE JING!

Register NOW! There are a few spots left in the April 2014 PPT™!

April 2014! PPT™ can be attended via Skype. Stay home and CHANGE. My Personal Power Training™ will enable you to achieve personal excellence, by increasing your FOCUS and ATTENTION SPAN.

Using my Chi Kung through Personal Power Training™ will help you become who you were meant to become. How do you want to be? Register now!


I am famous for my Emotional Liposuction™ Treatment, but before that, I was already effective at treating most chronic and acute daily physical complaints, stiff joints, poor alignment, faulty body mechanics, and muscle pain, quicker than anyone else in Chicago.

Walk in hurting. Walk out better! Get just ONE treatment. Yes, I’m that good… In fact, I even treat freaky conditions that nobody else can. Less visits, faster help!

Hip, shoulder, neck, wrists, knees, digestion trouble, headaches, TMJ, old injuries, falls, stroke, and anything you would have gone to anyone else for… Bring them to me.

I’ve got the BEST HANDS in Chicago and I also have a unique approach using acupuncture with or WITHOUT needles. I will use my Internal Power to treat your physical conditions.

Why don’t I work in other peoples clinics? Because the “Health Care Business” is not for health care at all. It’s set-up for doing minimums. That means, do very little, make the patients come back as many times that you can get out of them, string out the healing process for as long as possible to collect as much as possible.

Clinic managers always complain that my patients get better too fast. I am on your side. I want you to get better fast. Fly-in. Drive-in. Crawl-in! Call NOW!

You will never need to see another MD/DC/PT again. Real Prevention! You can avoid drugs, wasting your time, slow or no results, and multiple office visits. Call me to discuss your personal needs. Just get better…


Hire me to be your Project Manager in whatever your project is. I’ve been coaching people successfully long before “life coaches” became fashionable. What I do is SERIOUS! You are the project.

Topics include personality development, relationships, business, finances, job changes, DESERVINGNESS, sickness, energy management, employee evaluations, prioritizing, etc. Call or Skype me to discuss your possibilities.

Fire up your intention. Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung will intensify your WILL and make you accomplish what you want. That means more money, better health, improved relationships, and anything else you want.

Learn The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine and make good things happen.

Condensing Breathing is the first step which leads to your success. The heat you create will add to your WILL.

There is a huge difference between having WILL and being stubborn. Having WILL gives you a skill with which you can influence your endeavors. Having WILL lets you COMMAND respect which people rarely get.

When you do The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine, you will fuel the fire of your WILL. WILL is my specialty and it is the missing key to unlock your life, love, and prosperity. Others will notice the new you…

I am the only source for this “internal” training. Others talk it, but I walk it.

So you want to be “different?” You must learn from somebody that is different. They should be alive inside, be full of vitality, and have their JING. If they don’t have it, you can’t get it. Ready?

Email me and I will send you The Chi Kung Bible and THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One for FREE. You can order hard copies at: www.Amazon.com

All the following articles are included in The Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One PLUS many more.

Here is my Inside Kung Fu Article entitled “Condensing Breathing.” Download and Read Condensing Breathing

Here is my 1987 Inside Kung Fu Article entitled “Unleashing The Tiger.” Download and Read Unleashing The Tiger

Here is my 1989 Inside Kung Fu Article entitled “Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan.” Download and Read Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan

If you guys want to bounce the punches off, you have to master the steps. Here is my 1989 Inside Kung Fu Article entitled “28 Minutes A Day To Internal Power Introducing Gold Bell Training” Download and Read 28 Minutes A Day To Internal Power Introducing Gold Bell Training

Here is my Inside Kung Fu Article entitled “The Art of Cooking Jing.” Download and Read The Art of Cooking Jing

Here is my Inside Kung Fu Article entitled “Power At The Speed Of Light.” Download and Read Power At The Speed Of Light

Here is my Inside Kung Fu Article entitled “Gold Bell Training.” Download and Read Gold Bell Training – Hung/Ha

The BIG question in most people’s minds concerning Chi Kung is, “What’s in it for me?” Some of you have already tried and failed Qigong. Don’t blame yourself. It was NOT your fault.

Time doesn’t make you great. Attention to detail, serious practice, and inspired instruction does. You can do it!

It was whom you learned from, and whom they learned from, etc… I learned from the best teachers available and I knew when I started that I wanted to “be different.” Different from who I was, different from who I saw, different from what my history dictated. I redesigned myself and so can you.

This decision brings difficulties. You must learn to overcome these difficulties. I had ZERO support, but I knew I was in the right place to do the work.

My father prepared me to be great at “something.” Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster Han Cha Kyo who became my friend, inspired me HOW to practice. Temple Style taught me WHAT to practice.

I was lucky, but luck was not enough. Others were with me, but you’ll never find them. They quit. I did not! Winners never quit and quitters never win! I organized all of “it” for you. All you have to do is follow directions.

When you learn my Chi Kung System from my DVD program, all these winning vibrations are embedded into each lesson. It all comes to fruition in The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine. Yes, you can! Skype me!

Thomas Edison failed 3,000 times before successfully creating the light bulb. It’s your turn for Chi Kung success.

Understand that my Chi Kung System is not just for energy cultivation but it’s also for any other cultivation that you set your mind, attention, and actions on. If you want your big break, your next chance at success, PROTANDIM could be exactly what you seek. Want the “magic bullet?” Take PROTANDIM!


For those of you who know me or are familiar with my specific skill set, you know I have an ability to study, absorb, simplify, and teach learnable skills. Whether it be Chi Kung, Nei Kung, fighting applications, or other highly organized internal practices, I have done the same with my PROTANDIM LifeVantage Presentation.

If you want a new chance at financial success or just to dramatically improve your health, PROTANDIM could be your once-in-a-lifetime chance that you’ve been looking, waiting, and praying for.

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If you want “Dramatic Life Changes,” Private Personal Power Training™ is the fastest way to achieve your goals. I am talking WEEKS, not years.

Prior to Personal Power Training™ and Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, the original name of my Chi Kung training created in 1983 was Dynamic Technologies Assertiveness Training. This was before we all had computers. “Life is about kicking ass, not kissing it.”

Nothing’s changed. The practices are still the same. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I was The First and am still The Best!

We all know therapy sucks. If it could have worked, it would have worked already. Bring it on!

End your energy shortage! Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is the answer to your shortage, and it won’t take long. I am accepting Private Personal Power Training™ and Mind Light™ Nei Kung students.

Serious life changes are just around the corner. Bring it on! Private PPT™ Clients will be seen on YOUR schedule. Bring it on!

Influence your situations by projecting into the future using Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and Mind Light™ Nei Kung. Put excitement in your life!

Emotional Liposuction™ by appointment on Tues., Wed., Fri., and Sat. Call me to make your appointment. Get in here…

Develop human energy vibrations and waves in your body. Start with Condensing Breathing at MEDIA/VIDEOS

I am the ONLY source for this “Internal Training” in America. I did not create it. Order Master Waysun Liao’s Tai Chi Classics on Amazon.

I was the best in the school. I remembered and organized the training into manageable, teachable, practical sub-sets. Everybody can learn, practice, and excel using my Chi Kung Practices. It won’t take long to see absolute, definitive results. Add Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung to your life’s tool box.

Register early for the April 2014 Personal Power Training™ and receive the Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD immediately for FREE! Start NOW!

Feel SUPER HUMAN from these practices INSTANTLY while and after you practice. Start having many great days in a row with Tan Tien Practices.


Every time I visit other sites, I freak out! I am the opposite of the other wimpy teachers. They want YOU to do the work? We both know that’s not going to happen. I do not expect you to do shit except follow my directions. I do expect you to let ME in to fix what’s wrong.

Everybody else talks about “gentle, gradual, over time?” That’s a load of crap! Aren’t you sick of being a Pussy? That is NOT what I do and it is NOT what anybody comes to me for. MEET YOUR MANHOOD! GET THE JING! JING is sexy. Bring it on!

Results, results, results! That is the name of the game.

People come to me because they are sick of the sleepy approach. My treatment reflects my personality… Direct. Immediate. Aggressive. Shocking. Effective. Powerful! The list goes on… I don’t hide who and what I am. I’ve been told it’s “refreshing” for a change.

Most people see me only ONCE. That’s right, ONCE! DUMP your junk and move on with your life! Is my approach for everybody? Of course it is. If you have made it this far and feel the excitement, you need to get to me a.s.a.p.

Your life is about to change for the better. Big changes. Measurable changes. Wanted changes.

Learn to extend out with your WILL and touch someone…

Nearly all people are walking around with “The Big Four” emotions. Abandonment, anger, rage, and bitterness. How can you ever be happy or productive carrying these around?

Every decision, thought, opinion, view point, feeling, illness, and relationship gets filtered through your JUNK. I can scrape it off and give you a clean slate. I have done this over 10,000 times since 1987. Bring it on!

Decide to get to me. It is the perfect thing for you to do. On top of that, your DESERVINGESS will dramatically increase. If you combine this with my Chi Kung practices, you will have NO LIMITS. Others talk, but I deliver!

Don’t waste anymore time. Life is too short to keep suffering! It’s your turn to shine! Uncover your brightness. Bring it on! Call now!


Make Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung the grounding point in your “Preventative Medicine.” Without a solid base, you can’t strengthen your constitution, cultivate your body heat during weather changes, or fight off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). A few hours is all it will take!

To feel great and actually practice “Preventative Medicine” on yourself, a handful of things should be combined. Eating clean, avoiding toxins (smoking, drinking, etc.), avoiding medications, my internal practices, managing your relationships, and reducing Oxidative Stress.

The economy sucks. Your money’s funny. All your friends are depressed and suffering. But there’s hope. In these rough times you can prosper and inspire others in spite of yourself. We all need just one big break. Well here it is…

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Fresh Testimonials:

Gary, BIG WAVE is revolutionary! You have done it again!

I pity the people that don’t have the opportunity to make this part of their daily practice. Thank you! Joseph


“Hello Master Clyman, I have been working on your Chi Kung program, and it is like a sleeping dragon is waking up. I am tickled to death (not literally) with the results so far. My arms, legs and torso feel like little lighting bolts are racing through them. Perhaps I can show you something eventually too.

I think I may have learned the secret of staying young, or at least younger longer. I am getting mistaken for my 20s and early 30s even though I am almost 47. And it was not long ago I was a train wreck.”
Glenn Brody

You will get intense passionate contagious enthusiasm and it’s step-by-step and easy to learn.

I’ve been doing this nearly 40 years and my practice has never faltered. I still do hours a day, but you don’t have to.


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To simplify things, I offer six organized programs and services:
1) Emotional Liposuction™ Treatment, one per person, call now!
2) Chi Kung/Personal Power Training™ Workshops (April 2014 in Chicago) Enroll now!
3) Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program
4) Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD Program and Workshops
5) NEW! – BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu DVD Program
BIG WAVE™ is ready to order at SHOP
6) Medical Chi Kung, Acupuncture, and Tui Na Manipulation, Acupuncture WITHOUT Needles, and TREAT WITH JING Treatments.

“TREAT WITH JING Treatments” refers to me, circulating my energy to you and through you. This adds dramatic power to my other modalities.

Prevention means staying out of the medical system and taking care of yourself.

I look forward to being of service to you in every way I can. Treatments, training, DVDs… Call me 24/7 to discuss what best suits your needs.

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If you’re young, it will be easier. If you’re over 50, it will be harder, but you will feel younger quickly. If you’re over 65, you better start and hope you have time to turn back your clock. If you’re over 80, tell your kids to start practicing and be happy with that.

If you’re 80 and reading this, congratulations… You’ve already succeeded.

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If you’ve studied martial art but dropped out to raise a family, build a business, or just lost interest, BIG WAVE™ is for you.

If you have a few feet where you live, want a self-contained exercise practice that is FUN, and it will fit in a small time frame, BIG WAVE™ is for you!

BIG WAVE™ is a fresh and exciting Internal Kung Fu practice! This is PERFECT for any martial artist or Tai Chi practitioner. BIG WAVE™ is for EVERYBODY! Watch the video intro and sample lessons at MEDIA/VIDEOS

Questions about treatments, healing, cellular nutrition, your Chi, or my JING? I am available on the phone, anytime at (312) 446-8218.

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NEW TOPIC: It looks like bad marriage, lousy job, stinky relationships, wrong body, and more. But it’s DESERVINGNESS and that’s what is bothering everybody. PPT™ will change all that.

DESERVINGNESS is the problem.
DESERVINGNESS is the answer.
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Don’t be fooled by the QI REVOLUTION seminar coming to a city near you. You will learn NOTHING of value except stupid, boring, and worthless nothings. He’s got nothing, not even CEUs. Nothing is a compliment.

I am everything he is not. I am a Tai Chi Master with incredible Chi Circulations capable of teaching you how to do what I can do. It takes more than Photoshop and cool names to be good at Chi Kung.

BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu grew out of my personal practice.

These were my “private practices” and they did not exist until I created this for my Tai Chi guys. I NEVER taught these to anybody until now!

My senior Tai Chi guys love this new material! It’s my way of teaching “free style” Nei Kung which is like learning how to improvise in jazz, except chords, scales, and drills are less important.

The energy flow and 4 basic principles of my system are what counts. Read THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One for detailed explanations. BIG WAVE™ Internal Kung Fu is the only practice structured like it ever. Practice like you’re in your 20th year.

Are you tired of being pushed around in this world? Would you like to beef up (Tofu for Vegans) your personal WILL? PERSONAL POWER TRAINING™ is exactly what you need.

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I know my site kicks major ass. It’s like a living, breathing, changing tornado. Every new idea, new testimonial, new quote, new video, and new thing gets added daily.

These practices are EXCITING, FUN, and PASSION BUILDING! Not sleepy and passive… If you’ve tried other Qigong/Chi Kung, this is totally for you! Sorry you didn’t get anything from it… You’ve tried the other guys, now do something serious!

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I’ve got the BEST HANDS in Chicago. I will use my JING on you. Let me prove it to you and change your life! Lives change every week in my office.

I treat the “hard & bad” as conditions go. Some recent successes have been Kundalini Illness, Angina, a 35 year old back injury, and multiple MMA injuries. These were all LIFE CHANGING single treatments.

VeggieFest – VeggieFest

Private Nei Kung Instruction? Call me to discuss your training.

If you’re a loan wolf, social reject, hard worker, or craver of the JING who is sick of mediocrity, exhaustion, and boredom, this system is for you!

It takes hard work and the ability to follow directions. That’s all! Call me now to get started.

Pure excitement! My books are selling like hot cakes on Amazon! I’ve sold thousands since I finished my book in 1989.

The Chi Kung Bible took me 2 years to write and contains everything I have EVER said about Chi Kung.

1) The Chi Kung Bible for $29.95 at www.Amazon.com
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A few years ago I was wandering around my favorite book store looking for something interesting to read. After hours, I realized, “It did not exist yet.” So I wrote it… THE Nei Kung Bible sells for $1,000 at SHOP. THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One explains the entire system.

THE Nei Kung Bible is a one-of-a-kind training manual. My student, Larry spent 10 years preparing it from 6 generations of corrections. It contains ALL the internal practices from Temple Style Tai Chi.

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3) THE Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One for $14.95 at www.Amazon.com

Learn from my video clips at MEDIA/VIDEOS

A regularly asked question I get is, “How much do I do on each exercise?” Well, it depends on your skill, endurance, experience, rank, goals, and other factors. In other words, “until you’ve done enough.”

On all my DVDs, I lead you through each practice in “real time,” and I stay with you for the entire length of time.

This advice applies whether you are doing my Chi Kung, Nei Kung, and/or Temple Style Tai Chi.

Check for upcoming workshops at… SERVICES/WORKSHOPS

Become INTERNAL! The Mind Light™ Nei Kung Group Workshop is almost here! June 2013, starting at 10AM. It will be at my Green St. location.

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Personal Power Training™ can be the most important seminar of your life! No script. No outline. Just YOUR issues. It’s all about DESERVINGNESS (“Desire Fire”).

More about DESERVINGNESS… When you practice Condensing Breathing, which I teach in Lesson One of Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, you will reverse the outward direction of your energy flow.

That means you will SUCK IN you will stop your energy leaks. Condensing Breathing is the beginning and the most important single technique in my Chi Kung and Nei Kung system. Practice at MEDIA/VIDEOS

Note that I only put up parts of Lessons 1, 2, and 3. You will know immediately that Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is what you have always been looking for. Then you can order my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program.

When you are doing Condensing Breathing, make sure you “slam shut” into your center line with your mind. The smaller, the better.

PPT™ will break your lazy streak and will give you the kick you need. There’s still room for a few more. Sign up for the upcoming PPT™ and start your practice NOW!

At the risk of sounding unique, different, and secure, my INTERNAL SYSTEM is not for calming you down, relaxing you, or keeping you a sleeping sheep. Become a TIGER!

It’s for waking up your spirit, giving you Personal Power, and cultivating your WILL! Find your growl. Release your tiger!

Here’s my history: Began Temple Style Tai Chi in 1974. Started learning acupuncture in 1974. Accepted my first Tai Chi student in 1975. Got my “Grand Circulation” in 1977. Completed my Chi Kung & Nei Kung training in 1978. Opened my school in 1979.

Started learning “physical medicine” in 1979. Created Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung in 1983. Created Emotional Liposuction™ in 1987. Recorded my Chi Kung video in 1993. Created ChiKung.com in 1995. Created Mind Light™ Nei Kung in 1999.

Wake up. Don’t smell the coffee. Become the coffee. Get Juiced! The day you start is the day you start feeling GREAT!

GET THE JING! Become more than you can be… Do something important for a change. I am the only one teaching Free Style Nei Kung. Let the tidal wave energy flow through your body!


Chi Kung/Personal Power Training™ and Mind Light™ Nei Kung Workshop!

* April 2014 – Personal Power Training™ *
* June 2014 – Mind Light™ Nei Kung Group Workshop *
* July 2014 – Treat With Jing Training™ Workshop *


The PPT™ will change your life QUICKLY!

Take the only “DESERVINGNESS Workshop” in the world. Instant change is really rare and really good! Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung will be the most potent 3-Hours of your life and it’s included in the PPT™.

Learn The 28-Minute Daily Chi Kung Practice Routine! Personal Power Training™ will be the most important seminar you will ever do!


Read my CHI KUNG/QIGONG link at the top of this site.

NEI KUNG ALERT: The time to prepare for the June 2013 Mind Light™ Nei Kung Group Workshop is NOW! Lots of practices that need to be learned BEFORE the workshop. Start now WITH THE DVDS!

I know you’ve searched far and wide to get here. All the wimpy/sleepy/boring/worthless Chi Kung you’ve had to try… You’ve arrived! Don’t you deserve the best Chi Kung available?

What’s important about Chi Kung and Nei Kung? PROJECTING YOUR WILL from Tan Tien. This should be at the heart of all your practices. My system is efficient and organized. Practice at MEDIA/VIDEOS

Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming Mind Light™ Nei Kung LIVE Group June 2013 Two-Day Workshop. I do this workshop ONCE a year. Register NOW and I will send you all my DVDs so you can practice before the workshop. Call me for details!


Stop your “Ups & Downs” of your daily life. Do The Chi Kung Daily Practice Routine is AWESOME. You don’t know how much time you’ve wasted until you stop wasting it.

Raise your DESERVINGNESS. Create instant, serious, dramatic life improvements!

What is DESERVINGNESS? I made up this word over 25 years ago, because it didn’t exist. The need for DESERVINGNESS was there, but no application to increase it. It’s beyond self-esteem which everybody thinks they understand. DESERVINGNESS is actually HOW to raise your ability to make goals and achieve them, make better things happen to yourself, and live life HAPPY.

In my system, Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung gives you ALL the foundation to become GREAT! When you’ve become “comfortable” with your Chi Kung, it is time to start Mind Light™ Nei Kung Training. My Nei Kung is like Chi Kung on steroids. Nei Kung is not better, it’s bigger with more various heavier internal practices.

My Chi Kung system is a tool box for a better life. End your personal energy shortage instantly. Get your daily dose of hope and inspiration. Feel better fast!

The challenges in my internal system are all attainable by everyone who applies their attention span on a regular basis. You can be GREAT! All you have to do is follow directions in “real” time. Isn’t it time you received your big break? Call me to talk. Get the edge!

Your INTERNAL environment is what I care about. The only location that matters is the space inside your own skin. GET THE JING!

This SYSTEM does NOT require meridian understanding, organ location, changing your beliefs, calming down, finding mountains, or doing any dumb empty forms. It IS about Chi Circulation and FOCUS. You can GET THE JING!

Jump start your world… Change Your Life! Register NOW for the April 2014 Personal Power Training™ in Chicago. PPT™ is the most important DESERVINGNESS seminar in history. Don’t YOU deserve better?

Call my cell 24/7 at (312) 446-8218. There’s no better time to talk than right now…

This was the top of ChiKung.com, Qigong & Nei Kung DVDs, Tai Chi Mind Training, “EmoLipo” Jing Treatments, Move Your Mind at The Speed of Light, Tan Tien Chi Kung, and GET THE JING Training.

“Chi Kung/Qigong With Purpose, On Purpose.” America’s Best Chi Kung System! This is the most exciting, informative, and easy to follow Chi Kung System you’ll find anywhere!

“THE BIG SUCK” starts here and you can’t do too much of it. Turn on your INTERNAL VACUUM with Condensing Breathing and GET THE JING! This is THE most important single practice in ALL “Internal” Kung Fu! Without it, it’s all just talk.

Condensing Breathing is exclusively Chinese, more specifically to Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. There is no Japanese, Korean, or Indian similarity. It’s rare and it’s my specialty. Developing Tan Tien should be the the most important thing in Internal Kung Fu. The smaller. The better!

Chi Circulations are the most important part of Chi Kung. I’m the ONLY one specializing in this in America. Cultivate your INTERNAL VIBRATION and get your daily dose of hope and DESERVIGNESS. Practice Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung and you will never be bored. Here’s your chance to wake up, be alive and vital.

Create your spark. Fuel it to a flame, a torch that feeds your HUNGER to change everything you don’t like about your life, your situations, your relationships, and your health status.

My approach is serious, simple, effective, step-by-step, exciting, organized and FUN! I take calls 24/7 at (312) 446-8218 or (800) 782-4244. With 20,000 web visits per month, I’ll do my best to take your call.

GET THE JING using my Mind Light™ Nei Kung Program at home using my DVDs! Practice at MEDIA/VIDEOS

Everything happens in Chi-cago. Fly-ins are expected… Everyday lives change in my office. My workshops are always on purpose and specific because YOU bring YOUR issues you need to work on! Go to my Chi Kung Page for a Benefits List.

Get ready for the Treat With Jing Training™ and Mind Light™ Nei Kung Workshops by ordering the DVD Program NOW!

The next Chi Kung/Personal Power Training™ Workshop will be in April 2014!

Join the thousands that have changed their lives MEASURABLY and DRAMATICALLY. Yes, just like in the movie The Green Mile.

I love what I do and so will you. Your life will change very quickly. Your results will stick. You won’t take crap from anyone. You will dump toxic people. You will learn to deserve better, and always get it!

If you have not been feeling “yourself” lately, get to me and let’s bring you back. One EmoLipo Treatment is all it will take.

Bring me your Anger, Rage, Abandonment, and Bitterness. This is the most common emotional combo dump. Let me be your toxic dump site.

Tan Tien is very sensitive to weather changes. Keep yours warm, avoid the wind, and sit in front of your space heater.

It all starts with your treatment. Today can be your BIG day! Get here NOW!

Do you want to GET THE JING. Follow my first 10 FREE video clips from my MEDIA Section and practice TODAY. I am ORGANIZED and step-by-step! You will know, next, order my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program at SHOP and change your life. I get compliments from people daily. Brighten your future TODAY.

BTW, the entire Taoist Sexual Technique is based on your Chi Kung practice using my material. The sex training is like buying a van (Chi Kung) and converting it to a camper (Sex Training). Practicing Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is the base for becoming a “Sexual Superman!” You can become the “Man” you’ve always wanted to be MEDIA/AUDIOS

Let me explain the sex thing a little. The sexual practices are a precise mix of Yin and Yang. That means, you must obtain a specific dosage of Yin as a man to help your Yang grow. That might be related to season of the year, diet, body type, sexual frequency, testosterone levels in a man, and your level of passion. Supplements can help, but your practice is more important.

The SEXUAL SUPERMAN™ WORKSHOPS are different from each other. Each workshop converts and adapts different INTERNAL practices to sex.

Beginner Level 1 – Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is required. Start Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung immediately so you will be ready for this workshop.
Advanced Level 2 – Mind Light™ Nei Kung is required. Start Mind Light™ Nei Kung immediately so you will be ready for this workshop.
Master Level 3 – Sexual Healer/Squirter Mastery Workshop. Make your your practices are sharp.

Condensing Breathing is the first step to Gold Bell Training. Another article is in the works. I will take your calls as they come in. Here’s the article for your convenience!!! The new IKF article!

Book your Emotional Liposuction™ Treatment TODAY and DUMP YOUR JUNK! Read the new EmoLipo article!!! The new EmoLipo article!

My popularity soared with the Chicago Sun-Times Article dated 1.13.06. Request a Mind Light™ Nei Kung Sample, and I will e-mail it to you.

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER! Enroll NOW for the upcoming Chi Kung/Personal Power Training™ Workshop and I will include my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program for FREE! Read my CHI KUNG, QIGONG Page by clicking at the top of this site. There is a list of topics and a list of benefits on this page.

That’s right, FREE. Sign-up now. Learn Chi Kung/Qigong NOW at home and do the workshop April 2014! The next PPT™ will be in July 2014. Practice at MEDIA/VIDEOS

Is it time to get serious about becoming INTERNAL? That means all your cells will communicate with all your other cells. “Moving the CHI with the WILL.” The Mind Training, Chi Circulations is what makes my system INTERNAL.

I am the ONLY source of this kind of training in America. There are Four Main Concepts that run through all my practices: 1) Condensing, 2) Micro-Circulation, 3) Macro-Circulation, and 4) Projecting. Read Chapter One of The Nei Kung Bible. It contains all my articles. Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is about CHI CIRCULATIONS, not just empty boring postures.

If you are tired/scared of doctors, feeling depressed, sick of not being at your best, wishing you could feel great in spite of your financial or marital condition, then Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is perfect for you. Get a grip. Here’s your handle. Raise your hunger level.

I treat “freaky conditions,” even the ones that confuse all your doctors. Many conditions are caused by negative emotions stored in the body. When I remove the negative emotions (Anger, Rage, Abandonment, and Bitterness), the symptoms disappear it like back, neck, and shoulder pain, depression and anxiety. Get a fresh start today…

Raise your expectations. I actually like talking to new people and will do my best to take your call 24/7! I treat Tues., Wed., Fri. and Saturdays. Emergencies are always prioritized.

Let me simplify your Chi Kung experience. If you’ve been reading stupid/confusing Chi Kung/Qigong books, watching dumb instructional videos, sleeping through YouTube clips, or taking boring & worthless seminars, then you need to learn my system! Boring does not have to be a major ingredient in Chi Kung.

Chi Kung/Qigong is NOT about boring postures. It’s all about “Chi Circulations.” Period! The other “teachers” are all amateurs, no matter how long they’ve been practicing. Time, does not make you great. Attention to detail, laser focus, consistent practice, quality instruction, and the ability to follow directions is what it takes.

In this system, The Mind Training goes on top of what the body is doing. My group specializes in this approach. Practice with me from my MEDIA Section. You will know within minutes that this is how and what you want to learn. Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is a tool for success, a tool for a better, more focused, prosperous, happy life.

Here’s the order you should be taught! Start with Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung. Next learn Mind Light™ Nei Kung, and only after you have established your “Internal Practices,” should you consider learning Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung is on DVD and will take you only THREE HOURS to complete. I teach CLEARLY what to do! NEVER wonder again!

Continue with The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine which will NEVER change. Your Chi Kung practice should stabilize in a few weeks. YES, I know this is what you’ve been looking for a long time. Welcome to ChiKung.com! Call me to talk… I look forward to it.

Make sure you read the GET THE JING page for more detailed explanations of how and what is important in the process of becoming INTERNAL. Don’t be fooled by fluff, fake, flaky, cheap, or Non-Chi Circulation Chi Kung. These practices are PERSONAL, not Universal.

We are NOT all the same. Practice a lot and you’ll get a lot. Practice a little and that’s what you will have… You cannot practice too much. There are no warnings associated with my practices. Others warn to keep students, students. I want you to be the best.

Both my Chi Kung & Nei Kung systems teach Chi Circulation of your personal vibration at the speed of light. The Chi Kung is small. The Nei Kung is large. The Chi Kung is included in the Nei Kung Program.

Yeah, you’ll get the health benefits. Yeah, you’ll have more energy and vitality than at any other time in your life. Yeah, you’ll develop clarity and purpose. Hell, you’ll even dump people that are bad for YOU. But the most important thing you’ll get is the ability to “act as if the end result exists BEFORE you have any physical evidence of it.”

Even though I learned Chi Kung in 1978, this concept is my own creation and is embedded into The 28-Minute Daily Practice Routine, that you will learn at the end of my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program. This I’ve been teaching since the first seminar I taught in 1983. I created it for you because you needed it… No other Chi Kung/Qigong teacher specializes in this concept.

Thousands of my students do this practice effortlessly all over the world and so can you. This is the missing link between you and what you want. The more you do it, the better you get at it! It is just another skill that you don’t already know. You will learn to “Flex The Muscle of Your WILL,” which was the original name of my Chi Kung/Qigong video recorded in 1993.

I am currently taking NEW Chi Kung/Personal Power Training™ Private Clients and Mind Light™ Nei Kung Private Students. These are two entirely different programs designed to create different results. Chi Kung/Personal Power Training™ is designed to accomplish specific projects/goals and Mind Light™ Nei Kung is designed to give you all the INTERNAL practices in a concentrated and short period of time. I can combine them if you want both on the same trip. Call me for the details.

Previous experience is NOT necessary. You will learn what you need in the order you need it. My specialty is in the formatting of what I teach. I got it right the first time. I do not teach what I need to learn (like others say about themselves). I teach what I am an expert at and have created massive results in thousands of others regardless of profession, age, IQ, experience, and even drive. I can’t raise your IQ, but I can raise your I CAN.

DRIVE you will learn. WILL you will learn. Everything is a skill, not a gift. Bring it to me and I will reassemble you in a way that works better than anything you have ever done. I promise. Difficult cases accepted.

Do Self-Care. As you know, the anti-aging fight requires a variety of approaches and lots of creativity. Emotional Liposuction™, Chi Circulation, structural integrity, nutritional support, hormone balancing, challenging exercise, and freedom of expression are all important pieces of the Anti-Aging Pie.

I recently became a user/rep of a revolutionary new product that is many times more potent than any other free-racial scavenger. It is named PROTANDIM. Watch the videos that explain how and why it is so powerful.

Visit my site, order some by becoming a Preferred Customer or a Distributor. This is exciting! Clyman’s Protandim Site

Some know that long before I was known as “The Chi Kung Guy,” I was known as “The MRT Guy.” Muscle Response Testing (Applied Kinesiology) for Nutritional Deficiencies was huge in the 80′s and I tested thousands of people.

I did well, but suddenly supplements lost their zing and TV ads sent people to stores for crappy brands and the results died.

I’ve got THREE workshops coming up! Briefly, they are Chi Kung/Personal Power Training™, Mind Light™ Nei Kung Group Workshop, and The Treat With Jing™ Training Workshop. This includes learning The Emotional Liposuction™ Treatment. This will be a very exciting spring.

The PPT™ includes The Power Speaking Workshop™, where I will fix your public speaking mannerisms, phrasing, body language, intonation, eye contact, and timing. I can make you dynamic, interesting, believable, and well connected to your audience. These techniques can be applied to every aspect of your life!

Workshop #1) Chi Kung/Personal Power Training™ and Mind Light™ Nei Kung Group Workshop. Got the JING? I do and so can you… My torch can light your candle. I am even willing to sit back-to-back with you and make a direct transfer of my vibration. Did you ever want to press a button and get your daily dose of HOPE? Learn how NOW!

I have many thousands of Kung/Qigong students, about 100 Nei Kung students, and many thousands of patients. Spend some time on my site and you will know what you want. Let’s talk… Click Here for Video Testimonials

If you would like to receive “Your Personal Invitation & Video Personal Power Training™ Brochure!, send me an e-mail request I will send it immediately. It is a self-contained information piece explaining the PPT™.

Book your Emotional Liposuction™ Treatment TODAY and start the BEST year of your life! Read what just came out!!! The new EmoLipo article!

You might have seen my ads which started from the Chicago Sun-Times Article dated 1.13.06.

ACTIVATE YOUR VIBRATION!!! Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong helps you become greater, faster, stronger, more focused, happier, clearer, and more enthusiastic at what you do best! This Chi Kung is the perfect tool to help you excel at what you’re here for. Be the best that you can be.

All you need to do is FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and VIBRATE! Practice at MEDIA/VIDEOS

Practice Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong to refine your vision and strengthen your WILL. Take the upcoming Personal Power Training™ and/or order my Chi Kung/Qigong DVD Program at SHOP and change your life TODAY! You get a discount if you do both.

Workshop #2) Register for my upcoming Mind Light™ Nei Kung Group Workshop, (2011). Go to SHOP to sign-up. Call me to talk about this!

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong is the ONLY result oriented Chi Kung/Qigong system in America. “The 28 Minute Daily Practice Routine is geared toward helping you achieve your goals and will fuel your “desire fire” so you get what you want.”

Book your EmoLipo Treatment, fly-in, and wipe your slate clean! Contact Gary J. Clyman in Chicago at (312) 446-8218 or William Goit L.Ac. in Southern California at (949) 768-5044 NOW! I also have associates treating in Columbus, OH, and Flagstaff, AZ. Request their numbers.

Welcome to all my new Chi Kung/Qigong & Nei Kung Students. You’ll be glad you finally found me! Call me anytime with your questions. You can fly-in and get treated or you can order my Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung DVD Program or Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD Program and NEVER have to leave a 5 square foot space in front of your TV or computer.

I also accept PRIVATES students. Everything you will ever need to know is already recorded. Get started today! Read!!! The new Inside Kung Fu Magazine article!

You can learn Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong regardless of where you live. Order my DVDs at SHOP and never be depressed, bored, tired, achy, sluggish, disconnected, or uninspired again.

You want it? I’ve got it! The JING that is. Start NOW and never waste another minute! My “INTERNAL” practices are exciting, step-by-step, and productive. I will turn your spark into a flame! Watch me… Call NOW! 24/7 is O.K.

The practices on this site are real examples. My Chi Kung/Qigong and Nei Kung DVD Programs, as well as my workshops contain more practices in all these categories. Use these practices and order my programs. Boost Your Juice! GET THE JING! You’ll be glad you did.

Qigong? Chi Kung? Spell it as you wish, it’s the same word. HOW and WHAT you practice, that’s what matters! Circulate. Cultivate. Project! Become an “Internal Compression” Engine today. Never be tired again! GET THE JING!

Great News! I’ve just added some video clips of my Chi Kung/Qigong practice in “real” time. Practice with me from my MEDIA Section.

My Chi Kung/Qigong & Nei Kung DVD Programs are the best in America! The practices are powerful, organized, exact, exciting, alive, and in “real” time. That means, that if I want you to do something for 6 minutes, I am doing it with you for 6 minutes. Never wonder what you are suppose to be doing, like with other DVDs. I will use my own DVD in my upcoming workshop.

Chi Circulations should be the most important concept in the practice of Chi Kung/Qigong. So why am I the only teacher in America that focuses the majority of all my instruction on this important aspect.

Others teach relaxation, stress reduction, and other “sleepy” concepts.

I teach how to FOCUS, ENERGIZE, CONCENTRATE, CIRCULATE, AND HOW TO PROJECT your WILL. Cultivate your CHI, transform it to JING, and project your WILL into your “real life” situations. You won’t fall asleep watching my DVDs. No other teacher in America specializes in this…

A common question that I get asked is, “What’s the difference between Chi, Kundalini, and Jing?” Check on my GET THE JING Page to find out… and watch all my training videos at MEDIA Section. Ask about Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong Workshops in Chicago, in Spain at nate_davison@yahoo.com, in Columbus, OH (www.MasterMatt.com), and Portland, OR, and Israel.

Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong is the best in the World! To get in, pay at SHOP and get ready for huge, sudden, positive, dramatic, important life changes. Take your swing at this… Don’t miss your chance at GREATNESS. Be there! My Chi Kung/Qigong Daily Practice Routine 28-Minute DVD is included.

People are already signing up. Raise your deservingness. Don’t miss your big chance to get what you want. It’s not luck, it’s skill. Don’t catch your big break, make it!

My Chi Kung/Qigong System will create your “vacuum energy” which will allow you to project your WILL outside of your own body at the speed of light. Without “vacuum energy” there can be no explosion. My Chi Kung/Qigong System will help you use your Personal Power in your World.

Circulate Chi. Cultivate Jing. Project your WILL. That’s what you’ll learn. Do you want your vibration cranked up? Are you tired, bitchy, depressed, irritated, achy, sleepy, distracted, crabby, worried, easily offended, or just plain MAD? If so, then you need to change the energy flow from OUT of you to IN to you. My Chi Kung/Qigong practice does that and more… It all starts with Emotional Liposuction! GET THE JING!

“The Jing,” we are NOT all born with. The natural energy that we are all born with is NOT what I am referring to. “The Jing” I am referring to is condensed, cultivated, accumulated, cooked, packed, compressed, stretched, projected, extended, and finally exploded outward.

Workshop #3) The Treat With Jing™ Treatment Workshop will be help in 2013 in Chicago. Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong and Mind Light™ Nei Kung MUST be completed BEFORE attending this workshop. In this workshop, you will learn how to use your internal vibration on others.

This “vibrational skill” is quite unique to Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan. Others talk about Jing, but very few have it! It took me thousands of practice hours to get mine. It’s NOT just theory. I have it and use it!

In 1983, I created Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong and recorded it in 1993. In 1999, I created Mind Light™ Nei Kung and went straight to video. Before these inspired actions, this material was very scattered and disorganized. I am just a student of Temple Style, in fact, the best in my school. I had the best teachers. All these practices were in my head until I was asked to put it on paper.

I thought it would take about 3 weeks to write it out. It took 7 months and made this material more organized, step-by-step, and finally teachable. Read Chapter One of The Nei Kung Bible. It contains the Total System Outline in detail and all my Vibration Articles from Inside Kung Fu Magazine.

My Chi Kung/Qigong and Nei Kung Programs are both available WITHOUT coming to Chicago. Click SHOP to order either of my DVD Programs. The Chi Kung/Qigong is included in the Nei Kung Program and can be purchased separately.

Check for new testimonials that I am adding often from my MEDIA Section.

Follow my new high quality training samples of both Chi Kung/Qigong and Nei Kung for YouTube. Subscribe on YouTube at ClygarPro and you be the first to know when they are added. It’s O.K. to be excited about these practices… I am!

I advise you to spend some time out there in YouTube Qigong Video Land. The more time you spend out there, the more you will appreciate what you will find here. Chi Circulations and Mind Training like I practice and teach, you will not find anywhere else in the World. I could single some out, but I would just look like a “bully.” I look forward to having you as a student. Check my training videos at MEDIA Section.

Concerning the Emotional Liposuction™ Treatment, I say, “20 minutes or 20 years.” Sure the treatment hurts, but that pain comes to an end. Without Emotional Liposuction, there is no end to your pain. Just One Life Changing Treatment per person. YOU are ready to feel better! Call (312) 446-8218 now 24/7. I will make time to talk to you.

Remove the source of the following conditions… Low back, hip, shoulder, and neck pain disappear instantly after receiving Emotional Liposuction™. Depression and anxiety can become a thing of the past. Quit your Chiropractor and your therapist. Stop complaining and talking about your troubles. Get results here and NOW.

DUMP YOUR JUNK! Consider me your Human Garbage Disposal. Book your appointment TODAY, and START living better tomorrow. Yes, you can!

Here’s my brief history: I started Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan in 1974 and learned Chi Kung in 1978. I opened my school in Tai Chi school in 1979, created Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung/Qigong in 1983, and put it on video in 1993. I created ChiKung.com in 1995, contrary to popular opinion. Everybody said, “What’s a website?” I’ve been doing this long before the Chi Kung tidal wave arrived. I didn’t ride the wave. I make waves.

After many requests for more, bigger, and different, I got inspired in 1999 to create The Mind Light™ Nei Kung as a system. I created Emotional Liposuction™ in 1987 because YOU needed it and have since treated many thousands of people, ONE treatment each.

I use my Jing (cultivated vibration) on my patients to remove unwanted stored negative emotions. See the chart from my DOWNLOADS Section.

To be more specific, I specialize in three things.

1.) Emotional Liposuction™ removes emotions stored in the body. 100% have Anger or Rage (old anger) or both. 50% have abandonment (disappointment). 25% have Bitterness (self-hatred). The other emotions are about 10%. Fear is close to ZERO. Watch my Videos from my MEDIA Section.

2.) I teach how to cultivate your Jing (cultivated internal power). Read Chapter One of THE Nei Kung Bible. It contains all my articles.

3.) I raise DESERVINGNESS (“desire fire”) through my Emotional Liposuction™ Treatment especially when combined with my Tidal Wave Chi Kung/Qigong practice which can be learned via my DVD Program or Personal Power Training™ Workshops which I do 4 times per year (Jan, Apr, Jul & Nov).

Work with me and develop your Personal Power and Internal Vibration. Feel 20 years younger within weeks! This is SERIOUS healing and training to create incredible life changes. My methods are unique, effective, quick, long lasting, tested, and proven to deliver results. I’ve got hundreds of testimonials on my site. You could be next…

Today can be the greatest day of your life! Feel free to call me 24/7. I’m different than the other teachers. I actually like talking to people and am as excited now as I was as a student. Right NOW is the best time to call my cell at (312) 446-8218.

Distance Healing or Situational Alterations can be arranged after an in-depth telephone consultation and agreement to anywhere in the World, and yes, it happens at the speed of light. You can also learn how to do this from my Mind Light™ Nei Kung DVD Program and workshops. It takes a lot of personal practice. Start now!


Sincerely, Gary J. Clyman

Warning! Watch out for Elijah (Eli) Wilson, “Wu Jing,” The Thundermind School. It’s all made up and most it is MY story from phone conversations. He ordered my Nei Kung Program and never paid me since 2007 (3 bad checks). He has been caught 5 times selling illegally copied and scrambled versions of my DVDs. This is not only copyright infringement and theft, but he says he is MY teacher. He’s stolen my character and acts like he’s special. He sucks money out of people and “acts” like he knows something. O.K., he followed my DVDs and had many phone calls with me. But he’s faking everything. Watch out! Contact me if you have had contact with him. It will help in his prosecution. Copying is NOT the best form of flattery. It’s criminal. GJC

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